Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall

When Pleasure Island closed in late 2008, Atlantic Dance Hall became Walt Disney World‘s only remaining Mouse owned & operated dance club.
Last night we found DJ Mynd (USA) in the perch delivering the music.
Opened during the 90’s Swing dancing craze, Atlantic Dance Hall is a cavernous-sized room that can look empty even when there’s a crowd.
Even with a large group on the dance floor!
It’s one of the few clubs in town where some of the patrons wear Mouse ears!
We know DJ Mynd from The Edison at Disney Springs as well as Wall St. Plaza in downtown Orlando!
The music at ADH ranges from classic Hip Hop to Line dances to old Top 40 such as the Spice Girls (GB) pictured here.
To newer EDM such as Calvin Harris (GB) and Top 40 such as Dua Lipa (RKS/GB) pictured here!
Atlantic Dance Hall is the place to run into Pleasure Island friends such as Alex (Motion), Tim (Motion) & Mursalat (Mannequins).
As well as Ohna (Mannequins) and Dawn (8TRAX).
As this is Disney property, their indoor mask rules do apply just as they do at the theme parks.
A lot more people than I expected given the cold night. ADH is located at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and parking and club admission are free. A good time was had by all.