Concert Report: Origin (Ace Cafe)

After a 2 year hiatus, Future Sound of Breaks (FSOB) was back better than ever last night for their downtown event “Origin” at Ace Cafe.
Ace Cafe is famous for their collector car and motorcycle events but FSOB was one of the first promoters to convince Ace that there was a future in DJ events too!
There were two music stages with the first one opening on the Ace outdoor patio at 2PM with DJ XS (USA).
“Origin” was dedicated to Breaks!
At 3PM DJ DJ Bboy Roy (USA) took over.
We first met Bboy Roy at McSorley’s in Fort Lauderdale last December when he opened for DJ Icey (USA) at “Breaks Yo”.
All too soon it was 4PM and DJ HiCue (USA) took over the next shift.
Loved the Breaks remix he played of old LL Cool J (USA) hit “Going Back To Cali”.
Festival pricing was in effect for the event.
All taking place beneath the gorgeous Orlando skyline!
The arrival of 5PM meant the inside main stage was finally open for business featuring DJ Audiosal (USA).
Audiosal not only opened the inside but he would work the tech booth all night too!
While back outside with a different t-shirt and hat, DJ XS returned to fill the only vacant slot of the night.
A Breaks version of “Sally That Girl” had me reminiscing and bouncing!
Dance floor was starting to gather a few people at this early hour.
Inside, DJ Sploo (USA) continuing the vibe!
First time seeing this North Carolina based DJ spinning but he used to be a Floridian back in the day.
Back outside for DJ Davie-D (USA).
He would deliver mostly Old Skool Breaks for us. So many of the original dance hits were Breaks.
Posing with his niece.
The early crowd outside on this beautiful Fall afternoon.
Back in the air conditioning inside for DJ James Wolfe (USA).
A great set that included parts of songs like Blondie (USA) hit “Rapture” and Lasgo (B) hit “Something”.
We checked the Blog archives and the first time we saw James Wolf play was at Peek Downtown in 2015. LINK
Moving back outside for one of the legends of the scene, DJ Knightlife (USA).
He would go completely Old Skool Dance for us and it was pretty amazing!
Bringing back memories when he was a regular at downtown night clubs!
A few pics of the gathered crowd.
It was now after 7PM and we got a tag team set from two more legends, DJ Filthy Rich (USA) & DJ Dave London (GB/USA).
Breaks version of Morgan Page (USA) hit “Longest Road”.
A couple people told me last night how Filthy Rich taught them how to DJ back in the 90’s!
The two of them were beginning to attract a crowd.
As day turned into night during their set.
Inside, yet another legend, DJ Chang (USA).
We know him as one of the residents of Simons in Gainesville back in the last century.
His set last night was cranked-up and BOOMING!
The “Head” of FSOB, Glyn S. Morgan, coming on stage to introduce a live set from…..
Mariner (USA)
The inside bar was already packed and now the inside dance floor was beginning to populate too.
I was at the bar when Mariner played a Breaks version of Foreigner (GB/USA) Rock hit “Feels Like the First Time” and the bartenders all went absolutely nuts!
DJ Eric Berretta (USA) on the outside decks.
Continuing the vibe of the night.
And really attracting a crowd!
While back inside Seattle-based DJ Robby Clark (USA) was back in his hometown.
And instead of Breaks, went mostly House for us!
Playing the last song ever played in Mannequins, Rozalla’s “Everybody’s Free”.
It was wonderful. His set was a welcome respite!
Spotted in the booth: Glyn S. Morgan & Yalanda joining back-to-back sets from DJ Versa-Style (USA) & Bobby Buzz (USA).
These two guys!
Great stuff and…..
The dance floor on the Ace patio continued to fill.
A beautiful evening to be dancing outdoors!
DJ Stylus (USA) would come on to do a 45-minute set. I love these short 45-minute to 1-hour sets because they keep the evening fresh and moving!
Big crowd gathered to watch yet another legendary DJ.
Speaking of DJ’s, we saw DJ’s! DJ Manti (USA) with Alicia.
DJ Evan Gamble Lewis (USA) with James Wolfe.
DJ Evan Gamble Lewis with Bob & Aimee. EGL will be playing on the Breaks Stage at the upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando in November!
DJ Rita Valenti (USA) with DJ Tellairres (USA).
DJ Pedro Vázquez (USA) with Aimee and Stacey.
DJ Pedro Vázquez with Lanie.
DJ Heather Collins (USA), spotted here with Justin, will also be playing at EDC – Orlando.
DJ Filthy Rich with DJ The Reverend (USA).
The Reverend spotted with Blog-favorite Dana.
DJ JB Burgos (USA) with friend.
Janet, Jim & DJ Celestial (USA)
DJ Pepper (USA) with Amanda.
DJ Meowz (USA)
Spotted in VIP: Superstar DJ Keoki (USA)
It was suddenly 10PM and time for DJ Frankie Bones (USA).
Breaks-Electro-House, he had it all.
His set was drawing-in people from the patio!
And it was starting to get difficult to move about the place.
DJ Rainbow Bridge (USA) outside!
Another one of the big names from back-in-the-day!
Spotted here with World Famous Shawn Fenn.
Floor stayed busy.
New Orleans-based DJ Voodoo (USA) on at 11PM inside.
Breaks & Electro set.
He had the dance floor bouncing!
Some more crowd pics…..
Yousa! Yousa! Yousa!
The legends just kept on coming! DJ Andy Hughes (USA).
There’s no school like the old school.
He always draws a crowd!
He was followed by DJ Kelly Reverb (USA).
Headliner DJ Josh Wink (USA) dropped by the booth to check it out.
Kelly Reverb is another face that we just don’t see often enough anymore. Loved his rendition of Faithless (GB) classic “Insomnia”.
Dancing was taking place at high speeds!
Midnight….and DJ Dan (USA).
I heard a lot of compliments about his set.
Spotted backstage: World Famous Shawn Fenn flanked by DJ Frankie Bones, DJ Josh Wink and The Brothers of Funk (USA) themselves Johnny Dangerously & Storm.
The Head back on stage to introduce the headliner himself…..
DJ Josh Wink (USA)
We didn’t know if he’d go Breaks on us or Techno or Acid House or Experimental Electronic.
He would go on to thread the needle with all of it!
Dance floor was jammed.
His most famous song being “A Higher State of Consciousness“.
While outside a closing 1:30AM set from the Brothers of Funk (USA).
Storm & Johnny Dangerously.
Wow, what an event. Over 12 hours, over 25 DJ’s! A good time was had by all.