Concert Report: DJ Carl Cox (The Vanguard)

The Vanguard is the newest concert venue in Orlando and it’s located where Firestone used to operate.
Arriving early to beat the crowds, we were already too late to snag the front row.
Opening DJ Pacho Berrocal (USA) was still playing though so that was good!
The “early” crowd!
Techno had everyone bouncing!
Virtually no lighting during Pacho Barrocal’s set made it difficult to “capture” him up there. But we’ll see him again soon as he’s one of the DJ’s playing at Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando next month!
It was soon 11PM and time for a shift change.
With DJ Brennen Grey (D) taking control.
By now if you hadn’t made it up front, you weren’t getting up front!
Brennen Grey picked up the pace…..and the volume! His mostly Techno set was booming!
He was quite animated and a lot of his selections included vocals.
Spotted in the crowd!
Tampa’s Fader Events were representing!
DJ John Campisano (USA)
Whoop Whoop!
And then there he was, barely visible but coming up to give a hug to the DJ…..
The headliner, DJ Carl Cox (GB).
Switching it back to non-vocal Techno, at least to begin.
Yelling his trademark “Oh Yes, Oh Yes” to the crowd and drawing huge cheers!
Sporting a “Techno is it!” t-shirt.
Carl Cox was quite animated last night too if not downright chatty!
The only other time we’ve seen Carl Cox live was back in January, 2017 at Igloofest in Montreal when he played an outdoor set in 5F° (-15C°). I was warned he was in a foul mood and not to try to talk to him, lol.
He seemed to be in a great mood last night though, as was the crowd so excited to see him without having to fly to Ibiza!
The lasers were flying!
He far-exceeded my high expectations!
Packed to the rafters!
If you were standing at the rear, this was your view.
If you were standing above, this was your view.
These “spraydowns” brought 2-3 seconds of welcome coolness to those standing down there!
What a show as Carl Cox delivered the goods last night. A good time was had by all.