Club Reports: Monkey Bar, Ann Teague’s, The Vanguard, Barbarella

Beginning our Friday night in Orlando with some House music at Monkey Bar.
Resident DJ Dity (USA) was in the booth playing the good stuff.
It was early but the dance floor had already attracted a following.
Spotted on the balcony: Juliet & Denis. Monkey Bar is located but hidden within the Wall St. Plaza complex. See if you can find it!
Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply is a relatively new venue located along Magnolia Street.
If you spot these lighted wall cutouts along the back wall, you recognize you’re in the former Peek Downtown / Suite B Lounge spot!
But now it’s all about……..LAMPS!
We found DJ Maha (USA) in the booth playing a great House music set.
The bar and club were jammed with patrons……..and lamps!
First time seeing DJ Maha play and the music was so good!
You may remember it as Venue 578 or even Firestone Live prior to that.
But after a complete gutting and rebuilding, it’s now The Vanguard with programming delivered by Insomniac.
I walked into this mayhem!
Hard to see in the darkness and fog, DJ Diesel (USA). To those outside the music scene, he’s better known as former basketball star Shaquille O’Neal aka Shaq.
It was way too late to get any closer.
I didn’t know what to expect but I expected more House. During my half hour visit his set was mostly head-banging Heavy Bass music. The crowd was lit though and was really getting into it. For me, I needed to move on.
To Barbarella (formerly Independent Bar) where every Friday night is now home to “Discotheque”.
Resident DJ Flashdrive (USA) was in the booth when I arrived mixing Disco, Nu-Disco & House.
Biggest crowd I’ve seen for “Discotheque”.
Friday nights are typically free admission but last night it was a ticketed affair.
And worth every penny!
Spotted by the bar: DJ Gregory B (USA), Blog-favorite CJ and Emily.
Spotted in VIP: りノムノイムレ りのイ, Farah, Ducky Orlando & Christa
Spotted on the dance floor: Amelia & DJ Dack (USA)
You could feel the vibe in the air!
And then, there he was!
DJ Todd Terry (USA)
Barbarella was packed! Spotted with camera: The instigator of these weekly “Discotheque” nights, DJ Nick Whitney (USA).
A mix of ages but predominantly a younger crowd in the club.
Most of them probably have little idea how iconic this DJ is in the early history of House music!
Todd Terry going 70’s Disco on us with “Keep On Bumping”.
And early 00’s on us with “Lola’s Theme”. His set spanned many decades!
Another huge name, DJ Soul Clap (USA), plays here at “Discotheque” on August 13th! Advance tickets here.
An amazing night for “Discotheque” at Barbarella. A good time was had by all.