Concert Report: Old School Summer (Barbarella)

In case you missed the news, our beloved Independent Bar is now Barbarella. Last night it was home to “Old School Summer”, a night dedicated to the dance music of the late 80’s up to mid-90’s, the AAHZ Decade!
Caught the tail-end of the opening set from DJ Gregory B (USA), spotted through the haze up there in the booth.
Arriving early, there was just a handful on the dance floor getting the action started.
But the line at the door meant the dance floor would quickly gain traction.
Because everyone loves the 90’s!
After his shift ended, we spotted DJ Gregory B down here on the mezzanine chatting with Debbie.
Upstairs, DJ Dave Cannalte (USA) had taken control.
Going Old School on us!
Some people say you can’t live in the past.
Unlike prior “Summer” series events where the DJ’s operated from the dance floor, last night the DJ’s played from the Barbarella booth. It allowed for additional capacity downstairs for this SOLD OUT show. And to allow dancers to still see the DJ’s up in the booth, the huge monitor that usually hangs down in front of the DJ was removed and there was a platform for all the DJ’s to stand on to be better seen.
Spotted: Melisa made sure Tracy Lulu was in the house!
Tracy had surgery last week and couldn’t attend live and this was her kind of event!
Spotted in GA seating: Rob, Darani and friend.
Spotted on the mezzanine: DJ Rob (USA), Myndi, (insert name) and Blog-favorite CJ.
Starting to get crowded!
DJ Icey (USA) taking over around 11PM.
Everyone looking up to see him!
Dance floor absolutely jammed!
Icey delivered what the people came for with one Old School banger after another including hits like “Sweet Harmony” and his own “The One“.
Spotted on the dance floor: Diana with DJ Zack Lee (USA).
Spotted filming: illDJ ChrisB (USA)
Spotted on the walkway: Travis & Athena
Spotted in VIP: Club Dancer Kriss Reign flanked by friends.
Spotted on the dance floor: Angela & Kimball’s #1 Fan Donna
Spotted on the dance floor: Pam
DJ Kimball Collins (USA) took over next and he would continue the AAHZ vibe.
Sure some people say you can’t live in the past.
But you can in the land of AAHZ.
Spotted in VIP: Blog-favorite CJ, DJ Parry (USA) and Darielle
Spotted in VIP: Vizion1‘s Luis with Dom of Stanton Warriors (GB).
Spotted along the walkway: DJ Swagkerr (USA) & DJ Ganjalustt (USA)
Spotted at the upstairs bar: Diana with Event Promoter Kelly.
Spotted: Joined here by DJ Kris Klutch (USA).
Due to the Covid19 situation last year, Kimball was not able to hold this summer event nor the traditional AAHZ Reunion in November. There’s such a huge pent-up demand for AAHZ from Kimball’s fans. Thus, last night was an important stepping-stone for this coming Thanksgiving Eve so let’s see how things play out.
Yeah, some people say you can’t live in the past. But last night, this group said to them, “Fuck You!” We can relive the past if we want to.
An amazing night in the land of AAHZ and a good time was had by all. Thank you to Kimball for the professional courtesies.