Concert Report: Beats At The Beach (Cape Canaveral)

“Breaks at the Beach” was in February. We went back to the Radisson Resort at the Port in Cape Canaveral last night for the next show, “Beats at the Beach”!
There were 4 rooms of music in the hotel’s Convention Center. This was the originally planned DJ lineup and in the end, 95% of this took place as scheduled!
The local favorites Florida Jamz Room was where we found DJ Darkside (USA) opening the program at 2PM.
Darkside was the only DJ last night to have accompanying guitarist Cazzy!
The early crowd on the Jamz Room dance floor.
In the House room, DJ Kyle Greer (USA) opened the show.
They had some beautiful decks up here.
Kyle Greer joined by DJ Luis Diaz (USA).
Who would take over the second hour.
Now over to the Breaks Main Stage where just a few people were getting started.
For DJ GanjaLustt (USA).
The main room was home to Breaks all night.
We had only just recently seen her play over at Celine a couple weeks ago.
Blinking lights led me down this hallway.
And around the curve into the DnB Tunnel.
Where DJ Ewak (USA) had an opening 2-hr set.
First time ever seeing him!
While DJ Flux (USA) had the second shift in the Florida Jamz room.
Just a few early arrivals here at this hour.
Good stuff!
DJ Mynd (USA) up on the main stage!
Breakbeats all night long!
Back stage we found illDJ Chris B (USA) along with vocalist Sporty-O (USA).
And he would take over next.
Back in the day, Chris B played regularly at the old Vixen Bar downtown and his set last night was very reminiscent of nights there. It was full of Booty Breaks songs like his hit (with DJ Fixx) “International Wingman“. Great set!
In the House room, DJ Sneaky Pete (USA) had the 4PM shift.
As would turn out to be the case all night, surprisingly not a lot of people here for House music.
But he had the speakers booming.
Back to the tunnel.
DJ Nexa (USA)
Crowd size here varied all evening.
Back at the Locals stage, DJ Zack Lee (USA).
Joined by DJ Eneek (USA) and DJ Amygurl (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: Jessica from Suite B Lounge!
While Chris had baby duty at the pool.
At the main stage tech booth: DJ Ian McDaniel (USA).
At the House room tech booth: DJ Mynd.
Also working the main stage: DJ Swagkerr (USA)
Spotted outside in the VIP Parking Lot: DJ GanjaLustt with Stephanie.
Spotted in VIP: Amy and Bob
Spotted on the Main dance floor: Bridget and Tracy
In the Main Room taking over…..
DJ 43 (USA)
The floor was slowly beginning to populate.
While DJ Antipop (USA) took over the Torque Tunnel.
The music was always fast and furious in the Tunnel.
DJ Berto (USA) in the House room.
Delivering an amazing Dark Melodic Techno set. WoW!
DJ Eneek was going Breaks in the Jamz room.
Where a small crowd had developed.
6PM arrived and so did DJ Beni Hill (USA).
And he drew a contingent!
As did DJ Molecule (USA) down in the hallway.
On the House stage, DJ Jme Rec.STAR (USA).
Patrons came and went here but a big crowd never developed.
Because we don’t hold female DJ’s to a different standard, we did not notice her amazing outfit.
Spotted on stage, The Ladies of Breaks: DJ’s Heather Collins (USA), Jennifer Marley (USA) and Jme Rec.STAR.
Spotted getting ready to take his turn: DJ Æon (USA) with Holly.
He would play in the local favorites room.
Where we also spotted DJ Funkbaby (USA) and Allyson.
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) in the main room!
With his set, the lasers came on!
Don’t forget, tonight and every Sunday night at Celine, Jimmy and DJ Magic Mike (USA) reprise their role of the Sunday night SIN of House of Blues fame and admission is FREE.
Jimmy going back to back with DJ Shaolin (USA).
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Spotted backstage: Shaolin with Lillie.
Crowd was building!
Over at the House stage, Jennifer Marley going Techno / Tech House on us!
You could tell she was really enjoying it!
Amygurl and Techno Dawn did too!
It was an amazing set!
Back into the Tunnel.
DJ B.L.R. (USA) going Jungle.
Very Hardcore!
“Gonna start dancing again real soon, but first, let me take a selfie.”
In the Main room…..
We first became acquainted with DJ X back at the old Amphitheatre in Tampa in 2011 when he joined DJ Mondo (USA) and opened for DJ Icey. LINK
At the Torque Tunnel, MC Collaborator (USA) getting ready to introduce…..
DJ Electron-C (USA)
While DJ Nelly Fre$h (USA) rocked out the Locals room.
And DJ Richard Hunt (USA) was on the House stage.
We had just seen Richard Hunt for the first time last month at the Disco Lemonade concert at Elixir Bar. LINK
With over 40 DJ’s playing last night, I tried to capture them all. Somehow this was the only pic I got of DJ Doc Roc (USA) so I apologize about that!
He definitely captured the dance floor!
With a great Old Skool set that included one of my favorites from Mannequins, “Walk On Water”.
DJ Aaron Bond (USA) in the DnB booth!
Seems like the music was getting faster and faster here as the night wore on!
Spotted in the hallway: Brandy & friend.
Spotted by the bar: Bridget, Doug, Claudia & Hector.
Never packed but always a crowd down the hallway!
In the House room, DJ duo Yokai (USA).
Going House and EDM on us!
This up-and-coming duo headlined their own show at Celine last fall and OEN was there. LINK
DJ AfrodisiaX (USA) playing an earlier shift in the Favorites room.
Where we spotted Promoter Pete Manos with Elaina.
At the Breaks Main Stage, we spotted DJ Supernaut (USA) with his main squeeze getting ready to come on.
His set had a loud “Big Room” vibe to it!
We had not seen him since 2016 when he played at The Social in downtown Orlando and whipped that crowd into a frenzy! PHOTO LINK
Hope you had a great birthday, Bob!
Spotted backstage, Power Plus: DJ Mynd, DJ Jimmy Joslin, DJ John Campisano (USA)
Spotted in the hallway: DJ Angela Villin (USA). We haven’t seen her since she played the Art Car Stage at the last Electric Daisy Carnival-Orlando in 2019. PHOTO LINK
Spotted by the bar: Eric and Jim
Spotted backstage: Kelly & Dianna
Spotted: More super bell bottoms!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Celestial (USA)
Spotted turning up: Dorsey
Spotted in the House room: Chris without baby!
Into the Tunnel.
And DJ Circle K (USA) taking over moments later!
In the Florida Jamz Room, a tag team set from DJ Sketti Lawrence (USA) and DJ Amygurl.
Small crowd dancing in the House room.
With the House music delivered by DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA).
A staple in the downtown House scene, it was great to see him playing elsewhere too.
We mentioned previously that this room never got very crowded but he probably drew the largest crowd here.
And his set had everyone bouncing!
Supernaut’s set finished all-too soon and another big name took over.
The lasers cranked up for DJ Icey (USA).
I went into shock with Icey’s first selection being a very unexpected Heavy Bass song! This was not a headbanging crowd, lol, although it was reported later that there were indeed some there!
The Main room dance floor at maximum capacity!
Some amazing lighting was brought in for the show.
Spotted backstage: Blog-favorite CJ.
Another view!
Icey delivered what the crowd wanted which was some new mixed with lot of classic Breaks such as the DJ Icey remix of “Beachball” and his remix of “Everyday“.
Post-set in the Radisson Green Room, we spotted (clockwise from lower left): DJ Supernaut, DJ Icey, Jeff Kenney from HTG, illDJ ChrisB, Mark Smith, Kelly Kozmoz & Sporty-O.
DJ Dara (USA) had been scheduled for midnight on the DnB stage but had to be scratched. No one was upset whatsoever when they learned famed DJ Dieselboy (USA) was the substitute!
That look you get from DnB.
The hallway had gotten rather toasty but the crowd did not care!
Really fast-paced set!
And closing out this stage, another DnB legend, DJ AK1200 (USA).
And he would continue the high speed vibe.
Closing out the House room, DJ Greco (USA).
Joined by Phoenix Jagger.
Carli and Christina were dancing their support!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Infiniti (USA) with Gina.
And then closing out the Breaks Main stage.
A few departed but it remained crowded.
First time seeing him since last November’s amazing “Rewind” concert at Ace Cafe. LINK
44 DJ’s, 12 hours of music. In all 4 rooms, a good time was had by all.