Concert Report: Sundown Sundays (The Patio)

For more than a year now, “Sundown Sundays” at The Patio has been thee place to be on Sunday nights in Orlando!
We arrived shortly after their 10PM opening time to find DJ Ana Carranza (USA) in the booth.
Just a few patrons though at this early hour.
Ana was taking turns with DJ Dayz Without (USA).
The lasers were flying early!
The Patio is enclosed but it does have an area with an open roof. Last night’s weather was perfect following a weekend with nighttime temps in the upper 30’s!
Loved her House set. First time seeing Ana Carranza play!
While we had seen Dayz Without play at the “Outdoor Distanced” concert at Ace Cafe back in October when he opened for DJ Boris (RUS). LINK
The crowd was quickly filling in!
Shortly after 11PM. DJ’s Nick Ramos & Gustavo Pisani came on. Together they are…..Rude Neighbors (USA).
The dance floor continued to fill during their set.
Many wearing their freshly opened Christmas gifts.
DJ mashup!
I was told the line to get in now stretched around the corner and in front of I-Bar.
We’ve previously seen Rude Neighbors at venues such as Iron Cow and Vinyl Arts Bar.
Shift change at midnight!
Tag team set from DJ Chester Aleman (USA) & Dominick Morrison (USA).
The dance floor was now wall-to-wall!
House music all night long…..except when it was Techno!
This is not your parents Lawrence Welk (USA) bubble music!
Their set had everyone bouncing!
First time we’ve seen Chester Aleman play!
The Dom showing off his official “Sundown Sundays” tee.
DJ duo Volkmann & Engels (D/USA) taking over late with a more Tech House sound. House, Tech House, Techno, not really sure what is what!
1AM and no one was leaving. Indeed, they were still coming in!
It was great to see so many familiar faces again last night!
Volkmann & Engels opened for Paul Oakenfold (GB) last month. LINK
The always amazing DJ Carlos Mendoza (EC/USA) taking over last.
Everybody was in a great mood following a weekend that kept most of us inside.
Carlos told me his set would be Techno.
If you’ve not been to “Sundown Sundays” at The Patio, you need to check it out. Every Sunday night they have a different roster of DJ’s delivering House to Techno vibes. A good time was had by all.