Club Reports: Orange Avenue Makeover

Downtown Orlando has had its share of problems of late with fights, shootings and assaults. The City is trying to remedy the situation with enhanced security but there are also two groups in the nightclub business that are remaking downtown’s main thoroughfare, Orange Avenue. By remaking the scene, they are delivering and will be delivering an enhanced experience.
One such group we’ll call the Gilt Concert Venue group which recently purchased the entire south side of club-centric Wall Street Plaza (with the exception of The Other Irish Bar building). Their first project was the replacement of bar Sideshow with the far-more upscale club Fixtion which opened last weekend.
We found DJ Prankstisci (USA) aka Pranksta in the booth when we arrived playing House and EDM.
The DJ has a great view of the…….bar. Yes, the bar.
The bar dominates the center of the room with VIP booths surrounding on all four sides.
While the DJ is at the rear of the club with a small dance floor adjacent.
The purchase includes Waitiki on the ground floor and Blog-favorite Monkey Bar above it. We don’t know the plans for either venue but given their age and condition, don’t doubt that renovations and perhaps rebranding are coming.
Also included in the Gilt purchase, Wall Street Cantina located on the corner facing Orange Avenue. Definitely a dive bar and often featuring DJ’s, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s next for this spot.
The second group we’ll call the Tier/Celine group. They took over an empty spot along Orange Avenue formerly occupied by a Subway franchise and a few months ago opened Bellhop.
We found this DJ duo in the booth playing House music.
In what is perhaps downtown’s greatest example of club-theming. you enter Bellhop and are greeted by a mid-20th century hotel lobby complete with hanging room keys.
You see Bellhop is located in the former Angebilt Hotel building which at one time featured more than 200 rooms on this very spot and $7/night rates. (50¢ extra if you wanted AC). Come check out this display!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Sky Mareci (USA) with Dance singer Kayslin JustnKayse (USA)
Spotted by the booth: Some fun new friends!
Small group on the dance floor. Drink prices are expensive which draws an upscale clientele.
The Tier/Celine group also recently opened Parlay along Orange Avenue, replacing the worn Finnhenry’s.
Here we found DJ Chino (USA) playing Caribbean beats and Hip Hop hits.
Parlay is primarily a sports-themed bar but with DJ music.
The venue was jammed throughout with a contingent on their dance floor. Once again, upscale.
We’re told the Tier/Celine group has taken over the lease at the former Embassy Irish Bar location at the prime corner of Orange Avenue and Central.
As well as the Lizzy’s location which had “Final Call” last month.
Also on the list: We’re told The Lodge held their final night last night.
Ditto for The Woods which is more-or-less above The Lodge. So as you can see, downtown has been needing a shake-up and these two nightclub groups might be delivering it for us! Now the City of Orlando needs to do its part and make things safer for all.