Club Reports: The Unluckiest Club Address In Town!

When I first moved to the Orlando area around the year 2000, local radio stations filled the airwaves with advertisements mainly for three downtown clubs. One was for Tabu Nightclub. Another was for Cairo. The third was for BlueRoom. Located at 17 W. Pine Street, BlueRoom lasted for several years but once it closed, that address became the unluckiest club address in town! (Above © photo used with permission of Alamy.)
We’re not sure when BlueRoom exactly closed but it would have been in the early aughts The space then sat idle for years when Voyage (pronounced the French way) replaced it. Then Voyage closed around 2010.
With just a short gap in between, Deja Vu Ultra Lounge was in business in that spot by late 2010. But it wouldn’t last long. By 2011 it was gone.
Blog records show us checking out the next replacement, Zen Exotic Lounge, sometime in 2011.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls and Zen occasionally placed them in their windows to draw passersby. It didn’t work though and our records show Zen was shuttered sometime that same year.
Replaced in 2011 by Liquid Night Club. I recall predicting that Liquid wouldn’t last long but it actually didn’t close until 2014.
Sometime in 2015 Club Ice operated here, we think, maybe, but its lifespan was shorter than a mosquito. And to our knowledge, the spot then sat idle from 2015 until earlier this year!
Opening around February this year, a very much refurbished Violet Rose took over the spot. It was beautifully redone inside but strangely their niche was live bands, something not seen often in downtown Orlando. Already by this past April we noticed Violet Rose was no longer open on weekend nights, instead focusing on niche audiences midweek and by July we noticed the place was dark and closed. Signage on the windows has now been removed. Just the latest carcass to live and die at 17 W. Pine Street, the unluckiest club address in town.