Club Reports: Barbarella 2.0, Bikkuri Lounge, Fixtion, The Robinson

The building says Badminton on the outside but on Saturday nights there’s a club inside!
We arrived at Barbarella 2.0 and found DJ Rob Bates (USA) in the booth last night.
Spotted here later, the DJ with friend Adrianne.
Dance floor was crowded for 80’s New Wave and Alternative hits!
If you’re looking for an old-style warehouse party with an underground vibe, Barbarella is the place!
The building says Sushi on the outside, but last night there was “Lost In Trancelation” inside!
We arrived at Bikkuri Lounge and found DJ U4euh (USA) in the booth last night.
Home to Bikkuri‘s amazing light walls, this was our first visit back in the post-covid19 closure era.
Dance floor was crowded for Uplifting Trance.
DJ Suzy Solar (USA) took over shortly after our arrival.
Continuing with a lot of vocal Trance during our visit! Suzy had played on the stereoBLOOM stage last year at Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando.
She had the club bouncing!
Spotted on the dance floor and leading the festivities: World Famous Shawn Fenn.
Spotted by the booth: Suzy Solar’s Manager and sometimes DJ Lil’ B (USA).
Spotted in VIP: The founder of “Lost In Trancelation” and DJ Robb Blak (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: “Sunglasses At Night” DJ’s Derek Fereal (USA) and Duke (USA).
Spotted by the booth: Mahamoud
Suzy Solar looks good with some height on her!
It’s great to have “Lost In Trancelation” back in session again where there are always world-class DJ’s playing in this intimate setting! Look who is playing at the next episode on Friday, November 4th: DJ Sean Tyas (USA/CH). Put that on your calendar as tickets will be going on sale soon!
Last night was opening night last night for new club Fixtion in downtown. It takes over the spot vacated by Sideshow.
Of course we had to be there and we arrived to this! A large bar occupies the center, pretty much located where it was for Sideshow.
The DJ is located aft where there is a dance floor in front of it.
Here we found DJ Pranksta (USA) playing House and EDM.
Although no one was dancing during our visit, the place was jammed.
This dominates the north wall.
While the south wall is a bit more sedate.
Fixtion is just one part of a complete makeover coming to downtown. It is owned and programmed by Gilt Concert Venue which itself is allegedly going to close in about a year. They purchased the entire south side of Wall St. Plaza (except for The Other Irish Bar) and will be revamping things over the coming months. Meanwhile, the Tier/Celine group has supposedly purchased venues The Lodge, The Woods, Embassy & Lizzy‘s and will be upscaling those spots. We’ve already seen the openings of Bellhop and Parlay as part of the much-needed upscale makeover of downtown.
Still time to check out The Robinson.
Located on the second floor overlooking Pine Street, you climb the stairs and arrive to their large bar in the first room.
The second room is mostly a seating area but they’ve added a pool table since our last visit.
But at The Robinson it’s all about the third room…..the Disco Room!
In here we found Saturday night resident DJ Brio (USA) in the booth.
The Saturday night format is mostly 70’s Disco with some early 80’s Funk.
The dance floor isn’t that large to begin with but it was packed!
You know the place is legit because there isn’t just one but six shiny Disco balls!
Music like “We Are Family”, “Ring My Bell” and “YMCA” kept the dance floor jammed! It is SO much fun!
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.