Club Reports: Silent Nights @ Vibe, 80’s Rock-N-Glow Party @ Magic Atrium (Carnival Magic)

By now you know that if I’m traveling I like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships I’m on. This is our 3rd and final report from Carnival Magic which is operating a 7-nt cruise from New York City to Canada’s Maritime provinces and back. And for the third time we were in the ship’s main night club called Vibe.
This event was called “Silent Night” and consisted of a silent disco. Everyone was issued a pair of headphones so there was no actual music in the club except the music on your headphones.
There were two channels of music; the blue channel offered 70’s, 80’s & 90’s hits while the red channel offered Latin and Caribbean music. There was nothing on the green channel that one guy was listening to!
The Latin channel was most popular at the beginning.
But the blue channel got popular too! We’ve seen silent disco events in Orlando in the past including at EPCOT but the most fun happens when passers-by see people dancing but don’t hear any music and wonder wtf is going on. Here, everyone is in on the gag so that part of the fun is lessened. It’s still a good time though.
The Magic Lobby aka Magic Atrium was jammed with music throughout the cruise.
Last night they did an 80’s Night and we found DJ Renzo (WV) back in the perch.
With Cruise Director Ryan Rose (USA) performing MC duties.
There was a contingent of ladies from Mississippi & Louisiana decked-out in their 80s’ best!
MC had everyone doing the “Electric Slide” dance moves to 80’s hit “(Angel Is A) Centerfold”.
Huge crowd in the club atrium!
“Mickey” and “Walk Like An Egyptian” followed.
Madonna (USA) was onboard for the show to sing “Material Girl”.
Whitney Houston (USA) too!
With more than 50 cruises taken, we’ve never seen a Cruise Director quite like Ryan Rose. We’ve seen him DJ, we’ve seen him lead game shows, we’ve seen him in a wig and dress, we’ve seen him lead the Mega Deck party on the pool deck and on-and-on! He’s everywhere!
And last night we saw him fly during “Time Of My Life” from Dirty Dancing.
As we previously reported, 90’s Night at the beginning of the cruise was a dud and 70’s Night was much better. And at last night’s 80’s Night, a good time was had by all.