Club Reports: Fixtion, Pups Pub, Monkey Bar

Previously known as Sideshow (and Loaded Hog/One Eyed Jacks before then), this location at 15 N. Orange Avenue has been the subject of much discussion lately.
We’ve been getting daily Facebook advertising for new club Fixtion which is coming to this location supposedly later this summer. This apparently will be the place “to go down the rabbit hole”.
Peeking inside, we see a lot of work still needs to be done. Now owned by the people that operate Gilt Concert Venue, it appears that like Sideshow, a large bar will occupy the center of the room and perhaps a DJ booth towards the rear.
Decorations on the north inside wall give no indication of any rabbit-theming though. Can’t wait to see it in operation.
When you see the “Bitches Runnin’ Wild” sign, you can only be at Pup’s Pub!
No DJ’s yet operating out of this corner booth; just music from the machine on one of the walls.
Of course at Pup’s Pub, it’s all about the pups! This is a dog bar after all!
Although humans get access to a full liquor bar and numerous brews on tap!
You can dance with other humans.
Or you can dance with dogs!
While this vending machine near the booth has the proverbial “Bag of Dicks” available for purchase! You don’t need a dog to come to Pups Pub. Last night there were actually more people there just to drink and visit than people with dogs.
The shining beacon of light at Wall St. Plaza, Monkey Bar was our final stop last night. In a sea full of Hip Hop and Top 40 venues, Monkey Bar is home to House music!
We found Friday/Saturday night resident DJ Dity (USA) on duty as expected,
The outside patio bar was jammed.
The inside bar was more-jammed!
Dity had the music pumped up to 135bpm!
Spotted on the dance floor: Amelia
And then two and then more!
DJ Dack (USA) taking control around 12:30AM.
Continuing with that House vibe and filling the floor.
House music all night long. A good time was had by all.