Club Report: Memento Mori

The warehouse says “Clearone Badminton” on the outside but for those in the know, there’s a dance club inside! Barbarella 2.0 heretofore has been open on Saturday nights only but on this holiday weekend it was open Sunday night too for a special edition of “Memento Mori“.
Arriving around 11PM, was surprised to find a full parking lot and walked into this!
And a drink line too!
Of course in the booth, Memento Mori resident DJ Lavidicus (USA).
The Goths come out at night! Black was the fashion of choice.
The music a mix of Industrial, EBM, Darkwave and Goth.
The DJ kept the dance floor active.
Still only a beer and wine club, they do offer a large assortment of pre-mixed cocktails. I don’t know how putting gin & tonic in a can instead of a cup creates such a nasty-tasting concoction but it is what it is. And truth be told, two of these gave me quite a buzz!
Crop tops, miniskirts and platform boots. And that was just the guys!
OEN will be in Atlanta later this week to check out the Goth scene up there and we’ll report back. We’ll also let you know when the next edition of Memento Mori is scheduled here. Last night wow, a good time was had by all.