Club Reports: Chillers, Cahoots, Wicked Whiskeys, Aero Bar, The Patio

Friday night had arrived and it was time to check-out some of the downtown venues we hadn’t visited in awhile. Over on Church Street, we began at Chillers which is located on the ground level of this three level building.
Famous for their alcoholic “slurpees“, all the machines were operational last night and the Purple Orgasm was especially sweet!
We found DJ Jake (USA) in the booth playing Top 40.
And a crowd was beginning to build down on the main floor. Check out Wednesdays at Chillers when those frozen concoctions are just $1.
Up on the building’s 2nd Floor is Cahoots, formerly Big Belly Brewery. Here we found DJ Scott (USA) playing Hip Hop.
Known at the “arcade bar”, the place is jammed with pinball and video game machines.
Up on the 3rd Floor is Latitudes, their open-air rooftop bar. It remains blocked/closed since sometime last year and we’re told it’s still under renovation.
OK, that didn’t take long. Barbarella is moving to suburbia and the ownership group of The Beacham is taking over the lease of their now-closed downtown location. They’re going Country and the new name is up: Wicked Whiskeys.
They’re opening next weekend and are advertising the “largest dance floor of any Country bar in downtown Orlando.” They are also saying, “We like our trucks lifted, our boys strong and our boots muddy.” Can’t hardly wait!
Up above WW is Blog-favorite Aero Bar.
DJ Robin (USA) was in the booth here.
Although it was chilly out with a late season cold front having passed, Robin had quite a crowd on the dance floor.
Because the peeps want House music!
He was pumping out popular House hits you’d hear on Sirius/XM’s “Diplo’s Revolution” channel.
Spotted in the booth: Kelley T with main squeeze DJ Cliff T (USA).
Cliff T would take over shortly after midnight.
The lasers were flying.
As a rooftop venue, you’re literally dancing with the stars!
More of the good stuff!
Back in the day a circle would form to watch break dancers. Now circles form to watch Melbourne Shufflers! Aero Bar is House and EDM every Friday & Saturday night so come check it out.
One final stop: The Patio. Federal blogging regulations require us to confirm the veracity of wild claims made by clubs such as The Patio‘s “Always A Party” claim.
Resident DJ Parry (USA) was in the booth playing Top 40 hits.
Arrived to find just a handful on the dance floor.
The Patio is a mostly outdoor venue and on this chilly night with a light snow falling, we had our doubts that they could live up to their advertising slogan.
But it didn’t take long and a crowd began to flow-in!
And they proved it again! There really IS always a party at The Patio. A good time was had by all.