MMW Day 2 – Galaxy Music Gathering

Originally scheduled to take place at Exchange in South Beach, the sudden Miami Beach midnight curfew caused many events to be cancelled or moved to Miami proper. Galaxy Music Gathering was able to secure a spot at Freehold in the Wynwood area and it couldn’t have turned out better with great ambiance, great drinks and friendly staff!
Day 2 of Miami Music Week and Galaxy Music Gathering VII – Legends Edition was under way! We take great pride in getting these articles promptly posted the following day so we apologize for the delay due to an international travel obligation today and then a Customs delay on the return. But here we go!
GMG brought to us by ShadyTeez, Culture and Vizion 1.
Upon entering Freehold, you immediately come into their indoor space, last night titled “The World of Drum & Bass” area. Here we found the 6PM opening set from DJ Influx Datum (USA).
This room was dedicated to DnB all night!
The room contained its own bar; the dance floor would not remain this empty for long!
Titled the “Stanton Sessions / Rebel Bass” area last night, the second room of music was this outdoor area.
The opening set from DJ Robotic (USA).
Just a handful here for the 6PM start, the music already had them jumping! This area was dedicated to Breaks all night.
Nice outdoor bar here too!
Robotic is everywhere at Miami Music Week this year! We’ve counted him playing at at least 4 events this weekend plus we saw him last week at Unity in Orlando too!
Back indoors for DJ Jix (USA).
First time seeing him play.
While back outside to the main stage for…..
DJ Laura D. (USA)
While she mixed in the expect Breaks, I loved how her set had a lot of House in it too!
People slowly arrived.
DJ Ill Terror (USA)
Haven’t seen him in years!
The beats were fast and he already had a crowd!
That look you get from Drum & Bass.
On the main stage, Connecticut-based DJ Si-Dog (USA) had arrived.
Giving a break beat to EDM songs like Tiësto (NL) hit “Let’s Get Down To Business”.
And Dance classics like Planet Soul/George Acosta (USA) – “Set You Free”.
Inside, dueling DJ’s; B Boy Roy (USA) versus…..
DJ Danny Bled (USA)
They would take turns getting the dancers moving!
MC Collaborator (USA) joined-in because you can’t have proper DnB without a narrator!
And dance they did!
Drum & Bass does have a speed limit!
The Shadyteez booth did a brisk business all evening.
And the ladies could get their tops cropped right on the spot!
Orlando was represented!
And we met lots of new peeps too!
DJ Soltek (USA) shortly after 8PM.
First time seeing him play.
People by the bar were dancing!
The 70’s are back!
Adidas, Nike & Vans competition.
DJ Mark V (USA) up next outside.
We had first met him when he played Central Florida last year!
He had the crowd bouncing!
Inside, one of the big names of the Florida’s D&B scene, DJ Circle K (USA).
With MC Collaborator providing the requisite narration!
Dance floor gaining.
The 90’s are back too!
The music incredibly fast!
The crowd keeping-up with it and wanting more!
And then another huge name in the American D&B scene…..
DJ AK1200 (USA)
The room kept making me go WOW!
AK1200 is based in Orlando.
Outside, DJ Shade (USA).
Breakbeats all night long!
A Breaks version of Dua Lipa (RKS/GB) & Elton John (GB) hit “Cold Heart” had the crowd moving!
Of course if you’re going to have Breaks, you got to have Break Dancers!
Iphlow (USA)
Really, I think they were just walking by outside and heard the music and came on in!
Everybody stopped to watch them!
First you take DJ Jimmy the Genius (USA)….
And add DJ Supernaut (USA). And what do you get?
DJ duo $upergeniu$.
They drew a big crowd to the floor!
They were joined by DJ Merlyn (USA).
Another veteran of Florida’s famous Breaks scene!
More peeps Spotted!
Indoors for DJ Craze (USA).
We had seen him play at Ace Cafe last May when he joined Deekline (GB) and LTJ Bukem (GB) for an amazing show! LINK
So crazy it was next to impossible to move about the space!
People kept asking me if I knew the set time for DJ Icey (USA). And I kept saying, “Quarter till midnight”.
One of last night’s headliners, mixing some classic Icey with some newer stuff.
And it was all taking place…..
Under the Shiny Disco Ball.
Blog-favorite dancer, Boston-based Kriss Reign (USA) arrived!
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
Dance floor packed for Icey!
Close to 1AM, DJ Kraftykuts (GB) and The Freestylers (GB).
Sadly, due to the early international flight this morning, missed the closing set from Dom of Stanton Warriors (GB).
Inside, the mayhem continued.
DJ SS (GB) and the World of Drum & Bass.
An amazing show with something for everyone. A good time was had by all.