Club Reports: Grumpys Underground, Violet Rose, Barbarella

Grumpys Underground is a nondescript hole in the wall on the outside but every time we’ve been here there is great music going on inside!
Arrived close to 10PM to see DJ Cheryl Hardway (USA) take over from DJ Jennifer Marley (USA).
Just a few on the dance floor at this early hour though.
Her set predominately Breaks although she ended her set with some House and Techno.
Which brought a few more to the room!
Meanwhile much of the crowd was outside bouncing on the patio.
Spotted in VIP: Lynn, DJ Sisco (USA) and Elaina
Spotted along the curb: DJ Zack Lee (USA), DJ Slay (USA), DJ Spark-D (USA) & DJ Phin (USA)
Spotted on the front patio: DJ Solstice (USA) with DJ Funkbaby (USA). Funkbaby was showing off her new Adidas Superstars!
Spotted in the Grumpys’ parking lot: DJ Jennifer Marley and DJ Sisco.
Back inside, DJ Slay had taken control.
And her set would bring us back over to the Breaks side. Speaking of Breaks, don’t forget the big show “Breaks Academy” takes place tonight at Ace Cafe ft. the Brothers of Funk vs Analog Hustlers, Scratch-D, Infiniti and more!
All together, the self-described “Badass Bishes of Bass”. Grumpys Underground is as “underground” as they come and it’s located in the Mills/50 District.
Last week we reported on what is new downtown so last week we paid a visit to the brand new Violet Rose located on Pine Street.
It’s one of the few places downtown offering live bands but they were on break during our visit.
Between sets, DJ Puro Rhythm (USA) was playing Top 40 including old Hip Hop hits.
There was a contingent on the dance floor.
The beautiful venue has been extensively renovated compared to the predecessors that occupied this spot including Blue Room, Red Velvet, Voyage, Deja Vu Ultra Lounge, Zen Exotic Lounge, Liquid and most recently the very short-lived Club Ice. You should definitely check this place out!
With mere weeks remaining until Barbarella (aka Independent Bar) relocates to their new location away from downtown, we had to check them out one more time!
DJ Rob (USA) was in the booth which had been brought down onto the dance floor Discothèque style!
Goths come out at night! Last night was a special night featuring Dark genres of music.
From Industrial to Dark Wave to Synthpop to Alternative. It was so good!
Spotted in VIP: Joel & Joel
Spotted on the walkway: Jill & Jose
Spotted on the dance floor: Christa
Spotted by the booth: Andrea
DJ Lavidicus (USA) taking over at 1AM and continuing with the same vibe. Barbarella was supposed to close for their move after next Saturday night but the rumor I heard at least 3 times last night was that they may remain open until sometime in March as they continue to work on their new location.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.