Club Reports: Around The World @ EPCOT For NYE

Except for last year when there was no New Years Eve celebrations at Walt Disney World, there was little doubt where we were spending the night this year! For the 10th year in a row, EPCOT. We began the evening in the grassy courtyard of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.
DJ Rob Ferre (USA) was at the helm this year but we’re glad he had a sign because it was hard to recognize him in that mask, lol.
This is a “family” dance party but just a few had gathered at this early hour.
The music was family-friendly Top 40 hits old and new.
Atlantic Dance Hall is also located along the Boardwalk so it was a must-see stop.
Here we found DJ Frankie (USA) on the controls.
Unlike prior New Years Eves, there was no special event here last night and entry was free. But at this early hour, the massive club remained rather empty.
The music is Top 40 videos and like everywhere at WDW, masks are indeed required when you’re indoors.
We did spot some fellow Pleasure Islanders in the club, Tim, Alex & Mursalat.
With club Mannequins Dance Palace represented by this couple!
DJ Frankie was a Pleasure Islander too, part of live band Frankie and The West End Boys which performed regularly at West End Stage and Rock’n’Roll Beach Club. So good to see him again!
Less than a half hour after leaving ADH, activity began to pick up based on this photo provided to us by Musalat. Thank you!!
And now, at the opposite end of the boardwalk, EPCOT.
You know you’re at EPCOT: United Kingdom when you see this British castle-like structure.
And this year, it was home to Silent Groove.
The silent disco party where everyone is given a set of headphones and you listen, sing and dance to the Blue Channel or the Red Channel.
There were 2 DJ’s broadcasting the music on the two channels but it was so dark I couldn’t see them and didn’t know them!
The last few years the silent disco took place over near the Spaceship Earth ball but this year it took place at the UK.
It’s always a lot of fun!
You know you’re at EPCOT: The American Adventure when you see this old colonial-style structure and the smell of funnel cakes is in the air.
DJ Carlos Carrion (USA) aka DJ Los provided the music.
The American dance party during normal years takes place over in the massive American Gardens Theater but this year the booth was jammed up in a corner spot near the WC complex.
But it didn’t stop a crowd from building and dancing!
The music mostly Latin Salsa during our pass through!
You know you’re at EPCOT: China when you see this dragon lurking overhead!
On the decks at China, DJ Charles Miles (USA).
Dance floor was jammed for EDM and House music!
Because the peeps want House music!
Disney limits attendance to their parks this year so you needed not only a ticket to get in, but also a reservation. So while it was still “crowded” last night, there was noticeably fewer people than we’re used to for NYE.
One of the highlights of EPCOT: China on NYE is the smoke-belching dragon!
DJ Charles Miles is famous for his “Mix On Wheels” DJ booth vehicles.
But last night he had to work from a ground-based DJ stage, lol.
You know you’re at EPCOT: Italy when you see this Venetian tower overlooking the piazza!
One had to get past his Disney Security detail to get to him…..
DJ Mark Sanchez (USA)
Mark opened with David Guetta (F) hit “Titanium” and the dance floor got jammed immediately!
Like China, the music was mostly EDM and House. The peeps want House music!
People don’t come out to EPCOT on NYE for the rides, they come out for the DJ’s! And Mark Sanchez has been a part of the NYE celebrations here since they started doing the dance parties more than a decade ago.
The lasers were flying!
Mark Sanchez was working off brand new decks! You may recall in prior years he always played off CD’s.
At all the EPCOT countries, a good time was had by all.
And just before midnight, the fireworks spectacular “Cheers To The New Year” capped off the perfect evening!