Club Reports: Aloha Beautiful, Barbarella, Ann Teague’s, Gilt Concert Venue

Jet lag or no jet lag, vacation was over and we had a job to do! Saturday night in the city and we began our rounds with this new venue called Aloha Beautiful Tropical Karaoke Bar.
Entry begins with this walk up a themed stairway.
And arrival brings you to this large room occupied by swing chairs.
And a tiki bar. The whole place screams Adventurers Club at Pleasure Island or Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom.
Located where Joysticks game room previously operated, it brings rather scarce Karaoke downtown. This sign points to other islands…..and other bars!
DJ concerts will take place here too. For example, next Sunday (Labor Day weekend) will see DJ Dennis Ferrer (USA) playing House here! More details here.
Quick visit to Barbarella because you know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, going to stop by Barbarella.
DJ Indie John (USA) in the booth delivering their famous Saturday night format of 80’s New Wave.
Wasn’t packed as we often see on Saturday nights but it wasn’t empty either.
Everybody loves the 80’s!
Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply is located in the spot formerly occupied by Suite B Lounge and Peak Downtown.
It’s one of the few places in Orlando where you can find that rare mix of both good cocktails and quality lighting fixtures.
Saturday night resident DJ Michael Khan (USA) in the booth playing an Open Format.
Of course at Ann Teague‘s it’s not so much about the music, it’s about the lamps!
Years ago we used to complain about the lack of theming in Orlando clubs but downtown now has a Halloween bar, Treehouse bar, Hawaiian bar and this lamp store bar! We’ve ceased complaining.
The bar stayed busy during our visit. If you’ve not been, come check this place out!
Away from the downtown hustle and bustle is Gilt Concert Venue.
Dropping by late to see DJ Morgan Page (USA).
Wearing a mask all evening, he was apparently aware of Florida being No. 1 at something!
Dance floor was jamming!
Packed to the rafters!
Party in VIP!
Spotted on the dance floor: Amelia with DJ Dack Vaught (USA). Dack had opened earlier for Morgan Page but we arrived just a few minutes too late to see his set.
Spotted in the first row: Erick with hippie-chick Donna.
Spotted up front: Denise
Spotted in VIP: Joel and Sammy flanking their fine-looking friend.
Spotted on the patio with a real camera: Gilt official photographer David Monteverde.
It was pretty much an all EDM set.
Including a number of his own hits!
His classic songs like “The Longest Road” mixed with newer material such as “Turn Off My Mind” kept the crowd active.
And a good time was had by all.