Club Reports: Swirlery Wine Bar, McQueens, Barbarella, Aero Bar, The Patio

Saturday night in the city and beginning the night with a first time visit ever to Swirlery Wine Bar!
DJ Chico Flash! (USA) was behind the decks playing light House music when I arrived.
While we spotted co-owner Damian Roman (better known as MC Collaborator) behind the bar!
The venue has a small dance floor and it stayed active all night.
The bar is beer and wine only but it too stayed busy.
DJ Soul De Funk (USA) taking over next and shifting the music over to some Jungle/DnB.
And of course with that kind of music you get MC Collaborator (USA) to provide some narrative!
Whoa, Pac-Man machine in the corner! And the screen says “FREE PLAY”!
Spotted on the patio: Travis with Shelley.
Spotted on the dance floor: Chris T
Spotted at the bar: Claudia & Allyson
Spotted by the dance floor: Doug with Claudia. Fun little place; come check it out.
DJ Funkbaby (USA) getting ready to come on next.
Directly above Bullitt Bar on Pine Street you’ll find McQueens Social Lounge.
And up in the 3rd story perch we found DJ Ish (USA).
No one was dancing but the main bar was jammed!
As was the back bar!
There has been a music genre shift at McQueens which had previously been all-Hip Hop. Now beginning at 11PM, it’s House music all night long!
The lasers were flying!
Their ultra-cool selfie-wall was looking for photo-ops as we move into the spooky-season.
Place was jammed in all the corners. Their switch to House music appears to have been successful so come check it out.
You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, we’re going to check out Barbarella.
Resident DJ KC Cuts (USA) was handling the late shift in the perch.
The Saturday night format of 80’s New Wave brings out the crowd!
Because everybody loves the 80’s!
Fun at the main bar!
Friday night Discotheque and Saturday night 80’s. Come check out Barbarella.
Aero Bar is a rooftop venue located almost directly above Barbarella.
Saturday night means resident DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) in the booth.
House music and EDM packs the Aero dance floor every weekend!
One Dance hit after another!
The Dom says he’s not been contacted by Disney this year about their annual NYE dance party at EPCOT. It was cancelled last year due to covid and we were all hoping the event would return this year. It’s looking bleak though. You can see their last NYE party pics here on OEN in this article. LINK The Dom plays Techno tonight at The Patio for “Sundown Sundays”.
The lasers were flying!
The peeps want House music!
They say that there’s always a party at The Patio.
Weekend resident DJ Parry (USA) in the booth.
The music mostly Top 40 hits old and new.
Dance floor activity ebbed and flowed.
Spotted in the booth with the DJ: Renee
They were right; there really is always a party at The Patio. Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.