ADH Reopens Friday Night!

Although several internet sites have reported that Atlantic Dance Hall was reopening this Friday night, there has been some skepticism because the official Walt Disney World website continued to say that the venue was still “Temporarily Unavailable”.
So Save Pleasure Island Blog & Orlando Entertainment News went out to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort at lunchtime Wednesday to check it out for ourselves. First, the guard at the gate said yes, it’s reopening this Friday night!
Second, the sign on the ADH marquee still reads that they’re reopening! Lastly, we spoke to a Disney manager attending a meeting inside ADH who confirmed that they are indeed opening this Friday. When we asked about the WDW website not updated to reflect the reopening, he said he did not know that and would try to get it corrected. (Update: It has been corrected.) When asked about parking, he confirmed that there are no conventions currently at the resort so ADH guests could park Friday night in their free parking lots and it was not necessary to bus over from Disney Springs.
So there you have it. We’re expecting a good-sized group of Pleasure Islanders to be there for the reopening so hope to see you there! Former PI DJ G-Clef (USA) will be delivering the hits so it should be a great night! Atlantic Dance Hall is Disney‘s only remaining owned & operated dance club and it’s located at the end of the boardwalk at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.