Concert Report: Breaks/DnB Massive (Ace Cafe)

In the relatively few years that Ace Cafe Orlando has been in business, we’ve seen so many great shows here and last night was another one for the ages! It was a night dominated by big name Breaks & DnB DJ’s Editors Note: In an effort to get this article loaded without additional delay, this is going to press without people’s names, other than the participating DJ’s. Will try to get it updated later. Thanks for reading OEN.
Couldn’t attend the early part of the show since we were visiting Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, but arrived in time to see the end of a DnB set from one of the DnB legends, DJ AK1200 (USA).
MC Collaborator (USA) was supervising.
Taking place on the outdoor stage at Ace, the dance lawn was already seeing a crowd building!
AK1200 is based in Orlando. I believe the last time we saw him play was in 2019 at Planet of the Drums. PHOTO LINK
There was also an inside stage in the Cafe itself. Here we found DJ Merlyn (USA).
Crowd building on the dance floor here too.
Bringing a great Breaks program, we last some Merlyn in 2018 at Breaks Yo! in Miami. PHOTO LINK
Only caught the tail-end of his set too because moments later it was time for…..
DJ AfrodisiaX (USA).
He would continue with Breaks as the dance floor populated.
Back outside. A brief shower had passed over downtown Orlando prior to my arrival but we were now under Fair skies which would continue throughout the evening.
It was a festival atmosphere, just like at Skyline taking place just one block away!
A nice VIP area gave a place for the old people to sit down.
Back at the stage, time for a shift change.
With the famous DJ Monk (USA) taking over.
He began with a memorable song about “Balls” and then kind of went in numerous directions with his set after that.
Spotted on the lawn: DJ Efocus (USA)
Joined here by World Famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted aft on the lawn: DJ Soul-de-Funk (USA) & DJ Funkbaby (USA) with friends.
DJ Æon (USA)
Spotted at the bar: illDJ ChrisB (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Gregory B (USA) with Emily. Gregory B opens the show tonight at Barbarella ft. DJ Icey (USA), Kimball Collins (USA) and Dave Cannalte (USA). AAHZ-fans need to be there! SOLD OUT
Back inside for DJ Losman (USA)
Lots of great Old Skool songs in his set including a couple we used to dance to at Mannequins!
Last weekend it was hard to get people onto the indoor dance floor. But Florida’s summer humidity finally arrived with the rain yesterday afternoon and inside had something called air conditioning!
Switching over to DnB, DJ Circle K (USA).
Of course we know Circle K from so many great Torque events!
Big crowd on the inside dance floor!
Often whipped into a frenzy by the high-BPM music!
Near the end of his crazy set, joined for a few words by MC Collaborator.
Back outside, the first of three British DJ’s in-a-row: DJ Deekline (GB).
His Breaks-predominant set had the crowd bouncing!
Although it seemed some of his set was on the House side too!
First time seeing Deekline since he played at Bar B in 2019. PHOTO LINK
His one hour set passed way too fast but then it was time for another legend: DJ LTJ Bukem (GB)
He came with his own MC Armanni Reign (USA).
The crowd reached it’s peak out there!
And many were going crazy to his famed DnB music!
Packed as far as the eye could see. Wow!
The lawn was filled with dancers all the way to the back fence. Had not seen that previously. The downtown skyline kept watch.
Spotted backstage: DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) with Krista and Club Dancer Kriss Reign.
Spotted backstage: Dj Meowz (USA) & DJ Tonik (USA)
Joined by friends, DJ Pedro Vazquez (USA) & DJ Vitamin C (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Robotic (USA) with friend.
Spotted on the dance lawn: DJ Matrix (USA) & MC MB (USA).
Spotted at the entry gantry, DJ Ms Chevious (USA) on the right with friend.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jaime Anne with DJ Dose (USA).
Back inside for a closing set by DJ Tooltime (USA).
Alternating with DJ Losman to close out the inside portion of the show. Joined here by promoter Kelly.
Dance floor inside was still staying busy!
Back outside, another guy many came to see! Dom from Stanton Warriors (GB).
His set too was mostly Breaks but at times crossed into DnB and House.
Things remained crazy!
And then it was sadly time for the final set of the night from DJ Craze (USA).
1AM and no one was leaving!
DJ Craze is based in Miami and brought the Miami-Breaks sound with him.
Wow, what a night! A good time was had by all.