Club Reports: Skylounge At Amway Center, Barbarella, Stagger Inn, Inside at The Patio, The Patio

Have you seen the new Downtown Orlando selfie-sign? Apparently not a lot of people have discovered it yet but it’s sure to be a popular spot for downtown regulars and visitors. You can find it all lit up at the corner of Orange Avenue and Church Street.
You may know it as 180 Grey Goose Lounge, or 180 Skytop Lounge, or just Skytop Lounge, but its new official name is Skylounge at Amway Center. And it’s just as wonderful as ever!
Last night the DJ booth had been relocated to this corner spot on the outdoor deck.
DJ Lamba (BR) was playing House music when we first arrived.
Even though it was fairly early, there was already a crowd bouncing to the music.
We’re told now that the Orlando Magic season has ended in the arena below, they will be closing this summer for extensive renovations that will make the venue better than ever. We’re excited about that.
Of course one of attractions of Skylounge is this amazing view of the Orlando skyline.
From up here, even I-4 is romantic. OK, well, maybe not. But Skylounge is still a great place to impress a date.
There is an inside room as well with a color-changing liquor wall. I felt a little under-dressed in my jeans and tee shirt.
DJ Pedro (BR) continuing the House vibe a little later.
Just a beautiful place to hang out. We’ll keep you updated on their renovations.
We’ve been spending a lot of time at Barbarella since their name change from Independent Bar.
Friday night now means “Discotheque” at Barbarella and we arrived to find DJ Shaggy Powers (USA) in the perch.
Nice crowd already on the dance floor for Disco!
The music a mix of traditional Disco and Nu-Disco.
A few old 70’s Disco hits thrown in but otherwise mostly obscure music (to me) with that Disco vibe. This was only the 2nd week but it seems to be drawing a crowd.
Spotted at the bar: Nicole, Christa & Jenn
Back up in the booth, a tag team set from DJ’s Nick Whitney (USA) and Blair Sound Design (USA).
Would love to see them do a 70’s Disco hits night. With enough advance promotion, could really pack the place.
Don’t often stagger in to a Country music bar like Stagger Inn, but when Nicole is downtown, it’s likely to happen.
Over in the corner we found DJ Byrd (USA) playing Top 40 hits. So it was actually kind of fun.
There’s always a crowd inside Stagger Inn.
The DJ booth used to be up on that platform above the bar. Great to see they’ve moved the DJ to ground level.
Spotted at the bar: Suite B Lounge reunion of Tiffany and Lindsay.
Spotted in VIP: Party Animal
When the Top 40 ended and the Country came on, it was time to move to the next club.
Inside the club called The Patio you’ll find a hidden venue called, strangely enough, Inside at The Patio.
DJ Rock Johnson (USA) on the decks here playing Hip Hop.
Spotted taking club photos: Photographer Michael Khan
Place was crowded but the A/C was weak and it was pretty warm in there.
But that didn’t stop anyone from partying!
We also did a surprise visit to The Patio itself to independently verify whether there really is, as they claim, “always a party” there.
DJ Parry (USA) was in the booth playing Top 40 hits.
The dance floor was pretty jammed.
If no one will dance with you, dance with a pillar.
OK, they passed inspection.
There really is always a party at The Patio.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.