Concert Report: The Gemini Party (Ace Cafe)

Wow, what an event! Ace Cafe was last night’s home to the annual “Gemini Party”, this year dedicated to the late DJ Chronic (USA).
The event began at 2PM so we missed the first few DJ’s with our 4:30PM arrival. In the main room…..
DJ Efocus (USA)
At this early hour, just a handful on the dance floor including Elaina and Brooke.
The beginning of a show jammed with Breaks and Bass.
Outside, DJ Amygurl (USA) was delivering the same.
More people out here compared to inside.
Up next, OMG, DJ Nakita (USA) formerly of duo Phat Kidz (USA).
She drew a crowd!
Breakers gonna break!
Looking at scrapbooks of DJ Chronic photos.
Nakita retired from DJ life a few years ago but there was no way she wasn’t going to participate in this Chronic remembrance. She didn’t miss a beat!
Posing with the next DJ outside.
Another DJ we haven’t seen downtown in awhile, DJ JoeG$ (USA).
Followed quickly by DJ Fonik (USA) playing some Hard Breaks.
Spotted at the outside bar: Christine
Spotted on the dance floor: Adriana & Anthony
Spotted on the mezzanine: Cazzy Love the Alien in civilian clothing!
Spotted on the dance floor: Tracy and friend
Spotted on the dance floor: Aimee and Bob
Group Photo: Adriana, Elaina, Aimee, Bob, Amanda, Anthony
Back inside for DJ Jason Brown (USA).
The weather outside was so awesome that it was difficult to get people to come inside.
Another great set!
This floor began filling up for the next guy…..
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA)
Those looks you get when you hear great music!
Lots of Old Skool classics in his mix!
Outside, Timothy Barnard is 21 Paths (USA).
The patio stayed busy.
Spotted by the bar: Eric & Delmar
Spotted on the dance floor: Elaina, Brooke, Brandy & Kelly
Spotted on the dance floor: Katey, Heather, Melanie and friend.
“My Dog Has Fleas!”
Spotted in the corner: Wade, Candida & Neil
Passing by Ace Cafe: Amtrak 92 Silver Star headed northbound to New York Penn Station, expecting to arrive there about 2 hours late later today. (If you missed the story about my Amtrak Auto Train journey from Lorton to Sanford earlier this month which arrived over 19 hours late, click here.)
The Ace patio overlooks the downtown Orlando skyline. That lawn becomes a large dance floor for some upcoming events here at Ace.
Spotted on that patio: Matt & Melissa
Spotted on the dance floor: Danyel & Elton
OK, back inside for DJ Andy Hughes (USA).
Dance floor activity was picking up.
His set had the crowd bouncing.
Andy Hughes is now based in Dallas.
Back on the patio. If you’re not in Illinois but you see a DJ wearing a Chicago Cubs hat, it’s probably…..
DJ J-Dub (USA).
Spotted: Christina supervising the work.
Next up, in the 9PM time slot…..
JRok is based in New Orleans.
His set had the booties bouncing!
Spotted inside: World Famous Shawn Fenn with his entourage.
Everyone inside now to see DJ KJ of K5 (USA).
His set included a number of songs we used to hear at Mannequins on Pleasure Island!
Big crowd now inside to hear his set.
On a night where so many remained outside, we likely saw the inside reach its largest crowd for KJ.
Darude (FIN) dance hit “Sandstorm” brought a roar from the crowd.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Gamma (USA) and DJ Phin (USA)
Spotted on the foyer: Elmo, Brian & Dorsey
Spotted on the dance floor: Mandy and DJ Andrez (USA) who had played earlier.
Spotted on the dance floor: Guy & Lynn
Day began turning into night.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Chang (USA) & Corey
Spotted on the dance floor: Natasha & Dawn
Spotted in VIP: DJ Berto (USA) with DJ J-Dub.
Spotted in VIP:
Spotted outside: MC Collaborator (USA) showing off his cycling skills!
Spotted also showing off: Ashly and Leona
Spotted in the corner: Rob & Darani
Spotted up in the rafters: DJ Nelly Fre$h (USA) & Joy
Spotted at the inside bar: DJ Rosk (USA) & Leona
Spotted on the dance floor: Jim & Janet
Spotted on the mezzanine: Manderz with DJ Evan Gamble Lewis (USA). Photo bomb by DJ Supagroover (USA).
Joined by Bob for this photo! Photo bomb by Bob S.
Spotted inside: Tanyia and Jamie
Spotted outside: Mike with Carl and Dorsey
Spotted at the inside bar: DJ Celestial (USA) with Jessica
Back outside for a rousing set from DJ Si-Dog (USA).
On this evening with a cool breeze and Orlando’s summer humidity yet to kick-in, the patio stayed packed!
Si-Dog had the dance floor bouncing!
More Mannequins hits such as “Smack Your Bitch Up” and “Sweet Harmony”.
In case you missed our OEN article about the huge upcoming events at Ace, check out this link here.
Inside, the lasers began flying! Wow!
For a tag team set from DJ’s Mike Nice (USA) and Sweet Charlie (USA).
Mixing old and new stuff to a Break beat.
Crowd thinned out a little but was still active.
Back outside for DJ Ofay (USA).
Everyone wanting to film his set.
Really crowded outside.
Giving the peeps what they came for!
Inside, DJ Security (USA) had taken over.
Part of the famed DJ duo Rob E & Security (USA).
And he would go back-to-back with DJ Dave Gluskin (USA) on behalf of Dave’s newer DJ duo with Rob E, Audiotrap (USA). They would close-out the evening inside.
A really close friend of DJ Chronic, it was only appropriate that DJ Berto (USA) would close-out the show on the outside stage.
We’re grateful to have seen DJ Chronic perform this past February at “Breaks at the Beach”.
Dance floor stayed busy!
His set brought the crowd into a frenzy!
Inside and outside, the entire night was amazing and a good time was had by all.