Club Reports: Independent Bar, Neon Beach, Monkey Bar, Elixir Bar

You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Friday night, we will try to visit Independent Bar.
Up in the booth, DJ Mickey (USA) playing Top 40.
My early arrival found just 2 couples on the dance floor dancing to Dua Lipa (USA).
Guys, at one point there were 15 patrons on the dance floor and 14 were females! We heard Justin Timberlake (USA), we heard Rihanna (BDS), we heard Justin Bieber (CDN).
I-Bar is famous for their Saturday night 80’s New Wave Night but Fridays are a different animal with a Top 40 music videos format. Come check it out.
Crossing Washington Street and heading north less than a block is this new venue located next to Wells Fargo Bank.
It’s called Neon Beach and it’s a restaurant by day turning into a restaurant/bar by night!
The decor is awesome. Last night the prerecorded music track being played was all EDM and we’re told they will have DJ’s on Friday & Saturday nights in the near future. They have their own smoker so stop by for BBQ too! The key to success will be to get more people to venture north of Washington Street when they’re downtown.
Quick visit to Wall St. Plaza favorite Monkey Bar. Rarely advertised, you have to find the secret elevator or secret staircase to get there!
We found DJ Kyle Houser (USA) and DJ Mattei (USA) tag-teaming House music.
Nice crowd on the dance floor.
House music all night long!
Final stop, Elixir Bar.
Walked onto the patio to find a large crowd!
DJ Georgea Soufia (BR) pumping out House music!
Thank you to website reader Michelle D. for letting us know the DJ’s correct name which I could not make out from the sign, lol.
Dance floor was crowded!
Friday nights at Elixir are now Brazil nights with various DJ’s from Brazil playing.
She was very animated, bouncing all over the booth to the beat!
Shortly after midnight they switched DJ’s and the music went from House to Brazilian.
But a good time was had by all.