2019 EDC-Orlando: 10 Facts

Taking place November 8-9-10, we’re just one month away from the 2019 edition of Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando. Here are some of the things we know about the upcoming event:

1. The event will take place on 3 days/nights instead of just 2 as in all prior years.

2.  There will be 4 main stages instead of just 3 as in prior years.

3. Two stages will be east of the stadium. The past couple years only 1 was over there.

4. The kineticFIELD main stage (pictured above last year) will be east of the stadium this year. 

5. The circuitGROUNDS stage moves west of the stadium where kF used to reside

6. There will be many more electrical features than ever before!
7. The fourth main stage joining EDC-Orlando this year is called stereoBLOOM. It will be a specialty stage with Basscon running it on Friday, Insomniac Records on Saturday and Dreamstate on Sunday. 
8. Corona Electric Beach is returning again as the 5th DJ stage.
  • 9. An enhanced Boombox Art Car of sorts will be a 6th stage and will include many of the best local DJ’s.
10. More than 150,000 are expected and a good time will be had by all.
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