Disney Springs Update: Island Dance Party Continues

Pleasure Island is the place where the “Late Night” DJ Dance Party continues Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights!
Last night DJ Michael Wycoff (USA) was back in the booth delivering mostly Top 40 hits!
Wasn’t as crowded as we’ve seen during some of our prior visits.
But wasn’t empty either.
A big crowd in the seats just wanted to watch!
The dance party takes place at the Waterview Stage on the Island.
Eddy Maserati dropped by for awhile.
And the DJ came out onto the dance floor to do a routine!
Originally slated to operate just over Spring Break, the party was so popular that it was extended to Labor Day weekend and then indefinitely!
Who says there’s no dancing anymore on Pleasure Island?
Come check it out; the party runs from 10PM to 1AM.
A good time was had by all.