Club Reports: Independent Bar, Bar B, Celine

I don’t usually go to Independent Bar on Friday nights but as I walked by a Calvin Harris (GB) was playing. And then another Calvin Harris song came on! OMG, I needed to check out the source of this awesomeness!
It was DJ Matt (USA) delivering the Friday night format that ranges from EDM to Indie Dance, so different than what I’m used to Saturdays. Zedd (D) hit “Stay The Night” was next!
Who knew!
A bit spartan at this early hour though.
It’s a completely different crowd than the New Wave 80’s group we see on Saturday nights.
But I’ll have to drop by more often!
Now over to Bar B.
Friday night resident DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) was in the booth.
He had a small contingent on the dance floor initially dancing to what I would call 90’s Hollister songs, music you’d hear in Hollister stores at the mall back in the day.
And then things got crazy!
“Gonna request a song from the DJ, but first, let me take a selfie.”
Jimmy Joslin’s Birthday Party show is coming up next month and it’s one of Bar B‘s biggest nights of the year. You won’t want to miss it. Details coming soon!
Celine has taken over as the home of electronic dance music in downtown Orlando.
First stop up to the rooftop where DJ Benny Black (USA) was delivering the good stuff.
House music all night long.
Break dancing and some Melbourne Shuffle from the gathered crowd.
Meanwhile down in the main room DJ Prankstisci (USA) was cranking House and EDM.
As the floor began to fill in.
Everyone was here though for DJ duo Lost Kings (USA).
Finally coming on at 1:05AM.
But it was not what I was expecting. Their weekly mix show on SiriusXM is nearly all EDM hits but their set last night was Heavy Bass and Dubstep.
But the crowd there knew better and they were loving it!
Plenty of head banging going on!
And a good time was had by all. Except me.