Sloth – EDC Orlando 2018 Artist profile

(courtesy insomniac)

Sloth, also known as Brandon Baichoo, is an American Born DJ living in Orlando, Florida. Ever since he was raised in Brooklyn, New York, Sloth has always been in love with music from the first time he played on CDJ’s back in 2014. From dubstep, to drum and bass, and future bass, these genres have influenced him to become the artist he is today. Producers such as Flux Pavilion, Excision, Netsky, and Skrillex were all early inspirations for Sloth.

Perfecting his skills over the past couple of years, Sloth made his first debut in the electronic music scene in 2016 when he had the opportunity to perform for a packed crowd for Kennedy Jones at Gilt Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Since then he has set the stage for many artists such as Clips X Ahoy, SFAM, Barely Alive, Boombox Cartel, Bad Royale, Henry Fong, and Zomboy. He has taken advantage of every opportunity to learn, grow and perform as much as possible with plans for the future to perform across the US. With his eyes set on EDC Orlando, Sloth has been putting in hours of studio time finding his sound and honing his craft.

Sloth is a creative, versatile, and diverse artist who does not like to stick to one genre and loves to change the flow of his sets, which always keeps the audience on their toes. His dedication to his music and determination to make it to the top continues to motivate Sloth further than he ever could have imagined.

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