Omair – EDC Orlando 2018 Artist profile

(courtesy insomniac)

Capitalizing on nearly two decades of passionate hard work and determination, Omair walks the line between progressive house and trance, expertly crafting his pieces with a beautiful attention to auditory detail. He lifts you up to a higher dimension with infectious beats, strong rhythms, sultry vocals, and hand raising melodies that make you want to move your feet. The supremely talented producer, DJ, artist, and label head has garnered support and attention from some of the biggest names in dance music from Black Hole to Coldharbour Recordings, Markus Schulz to Above and Beyond, EDC Las Vegas to Ultra Music Festival Chile.

American born and Dallas based, Omair picked up his first piece of DJ equipment as a teenager in the late 90’s and hasn’t looked back since. Turning heads with his debut singles 8 Gig, F-7, and Bloodfire in 2012, Omair ultimately made his mark as a producer with his singles Chain Reaction and High Roller on Armada Music and Coldharbour Recordings in 2014. Ushering in a new sound, the self-taught and ever innovative artist released his chart topping EPs I’m All In and Begin Again on UltraViolet Music in 2015.

By the end of 2016, Omair had released the multidimensional Beautiful Mystery under his own brand new imprint, OHM Records. Both the founder and CEO of the OHM Music imprint, Omair is a multifaceted talent with a natural aptitude for business. Distributed by dutch behemoth Black Hole Recordings, OHM Music is a platform for forward thinking artists and musical projects featuring dance music across genres, including Omair’s own upcoming releases Dreamcatcher featuring Hydrah and Perfect Disaster featuring Avari.

At his core Omair is an intense creative – a fact evidenced in his recent chart topping single The Kingmaker, a dark, driving journey into the heart of trance pairing explosive depth and ethereal harmonies. The title of the track is a nod to our current state of affairs, inspiring visions of leading from the shadows, those who are pursuing power and manipulating their external environment.

Catch Omair this summer as he kicks off his 2018 tour at EDC Las Vegas. Whether it’s at the main stage of a world renowned festival or an intimate club setting, Omair’s euphoric beats are just what the dancefloor needs.

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