LOUDPVCK – EDC Orlando 2018 Artist profile

(courtesy thefader.com)

Kenny Beats is getting his second wind. After leaving the rap world to become the touring EDM DJ known as LOUDPVCK, the 27-year-old has returned with a vengeance. A year ago, he started renting out Ron Artest’s old recording studio in Burbank and committed himself to a rigid plan: he would keep his head down and make rap beats all day, every day until he re-emerged making the kind of music that made him proud.

To him, that didn’t mean honing the specific rap sound of the moment, but rather mastering an ability to serve the artists he works with in the most meaningful capacity. He considers himself to be a producer, not a beatmaker, so being able to make the beats themselves was only a small part of the process. And because of this, he has forced himself to be sonically versatile, so that, in any situation he can provide an appropriate track and follow a song idea all the way through to its conclusion. In fact, if it weren’t for his beat tags attached to the front of his songs, it would be difficult to pin down an actual Kenny beat. There is no such thing as a “Kenny Beats type beat” yet because he keeps switching it up based on whoever is in the booth. What remains consistent, though, is how often he gives these artists their most compelling songs.

Kenny was instrumental to Rico Nasty’s more recent thrash-worthy direction, having worked on standouts “Trust Issues” and “Smack A Bitch.” His collaborative tape with Key! is one of the most cohesive, refreshing rap projects of the year, and sounds like nothing else out right now. He also has a whole catalog of unreleased 03 Greedo songs waiting to be put out. According to Kenny, his goal is to throw himself into his work with such intensity that he loses himself in it. All he wants to do is continue making this music that, for the first time in years, he and his friends truly care about.

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