Erasure – Dr Phillips Center – July 8 2018


Erasure (Andy Bell and Vince Clarke) announced a collaboration with Brussels-based Echo Collective that sees the entirety of Erasure’s latest album, World Be Gone, given a post-classical rework.

The tracks featured on World Beyond showcase award-winning songwriters Vince Clarke and Andy Bell in a more reflective mood—giving the world and recent political upheavals a thoughtful examination. This new collaboration gives fresh dimension to the tracks. World Beyond was recorded over 10 days by Andy and seven performers from Echo Collective: Margaret Hermant (violin, harp), Neil Leiter (viola), Thomas Engelen (cello), Jaroslaw Mroz (double bass), Gary De Cart (piano) and Antoine Dandoy (vibraphone, glockenspiel).

This collaboration is a natural progression from 1987’s The Two Ring Circus—a companion EP for the band’s second album The Circus, which included several orchestral interpretations.