Club Reports: Grape & The Grain, Lil Indies, Swirlery Wine Bar, McQueens

We don’t get out often on Wednesday nights but with today being Independence Day (4th of July) in the United States, there were a lot of club options last night to check-out. We began in Orlando’s Mills/50 District away from downtown.
First visit ever to Grape & The Grain, a beer & wine only venue located along Virginia Drive.
When you come in the front entrance you’re greeted by this large bar.
But out back is where the action is. Here you’ll find this large covered patio and ample uncovered seating to get comfortable.
We also found DJ Mike House (USA) pumping out appropriately-named House music.
It was mostly non-vocal during our visit with some songs with vocals towards the end of his set.
And the dance floor was quickly occupied after we arrived.
Dancing at Grape & The Grain! Who knew? Actually, quite a few people. We’re told that on the last Sunday of every month this dance floor gets absolutely packed!
Spotted in the backyard: Renee & Larry
Spotted in VIP: DJ Mike House, Danica, DJ Lola B (USA) & DJ Atnarko (USA).
Joined by more!
And joined by even more!
Spotted on the dance floor: Heidi & Jody
Happy Independence Day to you too, sir!
Coming on next, DJ Kris Kokopelli (USA).
You don’t want to miss his show this Saturday night at Arena Art Bar (our beloved Suite B Lounge) as Kris is joined by some legends: DJ Andy Hughes (USA), DJ Lee Coombs (GB/USA) & DJ Dave Cannalte (USA).
More vocal House had the dance floor bouncing.
Good times! We’ll need to come back during one of their Sundays.
Remaining in the Mills/50 District, a first visit to Lil Indies.
Located beside and kind of behind Will’s Pub, we walked into this.
Towards the rear, a night of Yacht Rock was happening!
With DJ Jerry The Reverend Johnson dba DJ Captain Jerry (USA) putting out the tunes.
Joined by Riptide Rizzo (USA).
Most of the congregation stationed themselves over near the bar.
Riptide Rizzo jamming to Rock tunes such as ZZ Top (USA) “La Grange” and David Essex (GB) “Rock On”.
You would think that with Grape & The Grain being located on a street named Virginia and next stop Swirlery Wine Bar being located on a street named Michigan, that they might be just a few blocks apart, right? Nope, not even close!
When we heard DJ Amber Jane (USA) would be playing here, we knew we had to go.
A night of Breaks.
We last saw Amber Jane playing this past March at Savage Labs in Miami as part of DJ duo Snack Pack (USA).
Spotted in the booth: DJ Justin Taylor (USA) dropping by to say hello.
Spotted on the sidewalk: Christina with DJ Mighty Shari (USA)
Spotted on the front foyer: Christina, Ernie, Jody Marie & Shari
Always animated!
The music ended early at Swirlery (oh wow, that rhymes) and we got to see her one more time before we headed downtown for one more stop.
Located upstairs above Bullitt Bar, McQueens Social Lounge.
We literally caught the last minute of a House set from DJ K1KO (USA).
Spotted backstage.
DJ Josh Lawrence (USA) coming on next.
The music was mostly House last night and maybe a bit of Indie Dance.
We last saw Josh Lawrence when he played in front of thousands on New Years Eve at Universal CityWalk.
There was considerably fewer last night at McQueens but the bar was jammed.
As was the dance floor.
The lasers were flying.
The drinks were good.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.