Concert Report: Depeche Mode (Amway Center) & Afterparty (Barbarella)

This is Amway Center in beautiful downtown Orlando. It’s home to the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and is home to the largest music concerts in Central Florida.
A City of Orlando official told us there were 13,000 in attendance for last night’s show but it wouldn’t surprise us if it was actually more.
A Rock band called DIIV (USA) opened the show at 7:30PM.
But then around 8:50PM, there they were! The headliners, Depeche Mode (GB).
Only two of the original 80’s New Wave band remain. Lead Singer Dave Gahan seen in front here wearing black bootcut jeans, white boots and a vest…..
And Guitarist/Keyboardist and part-time singer Martin Gore dressed in all-black.
Another keyboardist was stationed stage right.
And a drummer stage left.
Amway was absolutely packed to the rafters!
They opened with three songs off their new album before finally delivering one of their massive 80’s hits, “It’s No Good“.
Other hits played during their nonstop set included “Everything Counts“, “Precious” and actually making me tear up as I was transported way back to the 80’s, “Enjoy The Silence“.
Pit view.
Gahan during one of his spins. When a spotlight shined down from the ceiling and created a bright circle on the stage, Gahan liked to stand in the middle of it and just spin and spin.
There was a runway that came out from the main stage but both Gahan and Gore only used it a few times.
But it did get them out closer to the floor crowd.
Such good music!
Near the end, “World In My Eyes
The band left the stage for a good five minutes before returning for the requisite encore.
There were four songs in the encore including the concluding song a version of “Personal Jesus“.
Our only complaint would be they sadly did not play hits “People Are People” or “Strangelove” but you can’t have it all.
So many memories! A great concert and a good time was had by all.
After the party it was the After Party, taking place at Orlando’s home of New Wave, Barbarella.
DJ Rob Bates (USA) was playing not only Depeche Mode but also other New Wave and Alternative hits.
We were able to escape downtown concert traffic pretty easily and arrived at Barbarella to find the dance floor already busy.
Fifteen minutes later the place looked like this! Barbarella is typically only open for New Wave on Saturday nights but they had this unprecedented Tuesday night opening last night because of the concert. (Barbarella is also open on the 2nd Friday of each month for Industrial/Goth/Dark Wave.)
DJ’s! We saw DJ’s! Spotted in the corner: DJ Cliff T (USA) from Aero Bar and DJ Parry (USA) from The Patio.
Spotted by the door: DJ Smilin’ Dan (USA) from Stardust Lounge and DJ Dave Cannalte (USA) from Mannequins Dance Palace and AAHZ.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Jerry The Reverend Johnson (USA) from Yacht Rock, DJ AK1200 (USA) who played last weekend at Iron Cow and former Sunday Night SIN at House of Blues resident DJ Sandy (USA).
The bar was also as busy as we’ve seen it!
Close to midnight, DJ Smilin’ Dan taking over in the booth.
While we saw a lot of Barbarella regulars there last night, most were people we’ve never seen before, experiencing it likely for the first time. So it was a real win for the club that’s located where one does not just stumble upon it. Between great drink prices and great music, Barbarella is the place to be and a good time was had by all.