Three Years Ago This Month

In late February of 2020 we attended a block party on Pine Street starring DJ Danny Tenaglia (USA). Sure, covid-19 was in the news but it had not yet impacted anything in Orlando…..yet. That would quickly change and by the end of March pretty much everything in town was shuttered. During May, 2020 there were some reopenings of bars that also served food which pretty much left out the large clubs since most of their revenue came from selling drinks. To reopen, there also had to be mask-wearing and social distancing.
Some venues enforced social distancing in creative ways.
Some didn’t.
But even in July of 2020, three years ago this month, most of downtown was dark and it remained a bleak place overall. PHOTO LINK In August we’ll revisit a couple events that jump-started Orlando’s club scene and also made our city the number one destination in the pretty much the entire world for DJ’s to come play!