Concert Report: Driven AM Showcase (Iron Cow)

With one outdoor event cancelled last night due to thunderstorms, there was still an indoor event to attend so here we were back at Iron Cow.
The “Driven AM Showcase” was in town featuring Drum & Bass. We came inside and walked into this.
DJ Strife (USA) was on stage when we arrived.
The music as you’d expect from DnB, fast and furious delivered by this NYC-based DJ.
With DnB you got to have some narration going on and one of the world’s best is MC Collaborator (USA).
The dance floor was in a frenzy!
DJ Mixmaster Doc (USA) would come on next.
He continued that high speed vibe.
The vocals provided this time by MC All Terrain (USA).
DnB continues to gain popularity again.
DJ had the floor bouncing.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jasmin
Spotted by the bar: Ducky Orlando with friend.
Spotted in VIP: Krysta Marie, Selethel & bambino.
Spotted on the Patio
Back inside, the headliner had taken over!
DJ Random Movement (USA)
MC Victoria Tonkery (USA) provided the narrative for this one!
Dance floor stayed busy.
And a good time was had by all.