Downtown Update: What Has Opened & What Has Closed?

As you probably know by now, Ace Cafe has closed. Located in the former home of iconic The Edge dance club, the beloved venue has closed permanently.
The motorcycle-related retail business at the far north end of the building appears to still be open.
And they’re advertising the place as “Available” but we’re not sure if they’re referring to a retail rental spot, the building or the entire parcel of land.
Neon Beach has closed. The restaurant/club at night has seemingly struggled since it opened a few years ago although we’ve witnessed it packed at times for certain club nights. Located directly on Orange Avenue, most people never wander beyond the Washington Street intersection so never knew about the place. The signs on the window refer to Schmankerlstubn German Scratch Kitchen coming. Mmmmm!
Eve Nightclub has closed. We’re told that the same ownership is renovating the second floor space and it will reopen with a new concept and new name.
Not only did Go Go’s Disco not open in Summer 2022 as shown on the door, it’s not opening in Summer 2023 either. We’re told hopefully in 2024. To be located where Native Social Bar once operated, the 70’s Disco would seemingly do well but Bar One Creations is working on other projects first. They opened neighbor bar/game room venue 1-Up last year to great acclaim. They’re the mastermind behind the Halloween-themed Cocktails & Screams over on Pine Street. Wish this one would hurry up!
Bar One Creations is also the mastermind behind High-T which recently opened in the former Club 23 space up those stairs on Church Street as shown here. The Alice in Wonderland-themed venue has been busy enough to require reservations with $10 deposits so you may not get in if you just show-up. Book your res here.
Our favorite 80’s club The Lodge closed briefly and has reopened as La Rosa Lounge. We’ve not been inside to see what renovations took place with the name change. Advertising indicates it’s a Latin club.
Speaking of needing a reservation, we move from downtown Orlando to downtown Maitland to a hot new venue called Permanent Vacation Tiki Bar. They only open their reservation system one week at a time and it’s seemingly always completely booked so we’ve not been able to visit to tell you much about it. You can try your reservation luck here.

And that’s our latest downtown report!