Club Reports: Rooftop Bars Of Monastiraki (Athens)

By now you know that if we’re traveling we like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships we’re on. Arrived Friday in Athens, Greece with a goal of getting my Hard Rock Cafe flag tee and visiting some of the rooftop bars at the city’s famed Monastiraki Square.
Athens has three Metro lines and Line 3 runs from Athens International Airport through the city with a stop right at Monastraki Square.
Monastraki is a relatively small square compared to some of the world’s famous squares but there is nearly always entertainment going on. Especially on a Saturday night.
We began our crawl at 360° Cocktail Bar.
This venue appears to have the rooftop bars’ closest view of the Acropolis, home to the ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. There was time for a drink and a really great burger.
While 360° Cocktail Bar is the closest rooftop bar to the Acropolis, we were told that A For Athens is the best rooftop bar because it is the highest.
It has this enclosed room and then one level higher, an outdoor deck.
The view of the Acropolis of Athens with the Parthenon atop was simply jaw-dropping. While some parts of Athens can be “uglier than Medusa on a bad hair day”, as described in one guidebook we consulted, the Acropolis itself is incredible.
As the sky darkened, DJ Elias (GR) began playing in one corner of the room.
He was playing Ethnic and Downtempo but said as things got later he would be switching to Deep House, Afro House and Melodic House. Yes!
And as the sky darkened, the Acropolis gets lit up making the view even more amazing!
Attic Rooftop is nearby with yet another great Acropolis view and that of the ancient Plaka below. We did not make it there, needing to take the Metro back to the hotel before the train closed for the evening around midnight. But definitely in Athens, a good time was had by all.