Club Reports: The Abbey, Neon Beach, Wall St Cantina, Monkey Bar, Elixir Bar

We began our Saturday evening at The Abbey where every other month or so they host an 80’s Night.
Arriving relatively early, we spotted the band already playing.
Rockitfly (USA)
When they say 80’s here they don’t mean early 80’s Funk or mid 80’s New Wave.
No, this is 80’s hair band style Hard Rock!
With songs like “You Give Love a Bad Name” (1986), “Rock of Ages” (1983) and “My Sharona” (1979).
The Abbey has a full liquor bar and the pours are strong. We don’t see the next 80’s Night on their schedule just yet but we do see another addition of the Abba (S) flavored “Gimme Gimme Disco” sing-along on March 11th. You can get advance tickets for that here.
Next stop, Neon Beach.
Where we walked into a small crowd already here.
DJ CruDawg (USA) was in the booth playing House.
We love the Florida theming in this place!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Miami-based DJ Robotic (USA) was up next and continued the House theme of the evening.
Just a small contingent on the dance floor but he had them bouncing!
DJ Celestial (USA)
Posing with Kim
Posing with DJ Berto (USA) who had played earlier.
Spotted in VIP: Molly with friend.
Quick visit to Wall Street Cantina on our way to Monkey Bar.
This wasn’t a planned stop last night but when we saw DJ Afrodisiax (USA) in the booth, we had to visit!
He was working Wall Street from an outdoor portable booth at the west end of the block.
The music is classic Top 40 such as……
“Girls Just Want To Have Fun” (1983)
OK, to find Monkey Bar, you actually have to find, within Wall Street Plaza, the hidden staircase or the hidden elevator.
We arrived to find a tag team House set between DJ High Mountain (USA) and DJ Ariel Sharone (USA).
You know the music’s great when you find Amelia up front and center!
Both the inside and outside balcony bars were jammed!
Shift change brought another duel between DJ Adrian B (USA) and DJ Hulian (USA).
In that vast Hip Hop desert that is Wall Street Plaza, Monkey Bar is a House music oasis. If you can find it.
What a great vibe last night!
OK, one final stop at another downtown favorite: Elixir Bar.
Not that many people on their famous outdoor dance patio just yet.
Orlando-based DJ Lucas Martinez (USA) was in the booth when we arrived.
Playing a wicked House set!
And as his set moved along, the dance floor got jammed!
Spotted working the tech booth: DJ Pantoja (USA)
And then, there he was, the evening’s headliner…..
DJ Mau P (NL)
He continued the House format of the night.
It was hard to move about the place!
He had everyone bouncing!
Mau P came to fame last year with his poppin’ breakout hit “Drugs From Amsterdam“. And that’s why everyone was here.
That song got played or sampled by more DJ’s than any other at last November’s EDC-Orlando.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.