Club Reports: Attic Nightclub, Fixtion, The Beacham, Elixir Bar

It’s been more than a year since we visited Attic Nightclub so that was our first stop last night.
The first thing we noticed in the main room is that the DJ booth located above the bar is no longer in use.
Instead, a new one has been installed in a former VIP seating area overlooking the dance floor.
DJ Don Pablo (USA) was in the booth when we arrived.
The music House and EDM.
Dance floor activity was beginning to pick up.
The faux-foilage hanging from the ceiling brings kind of a Club Space Miami vibe to the room.
While you know the place is legit when you spot the shiny disco ball up near the ceiling. This club used to get packed but it seems to have lost some of its allure and we’re not sure why since the music is great. The Attic is located up on the 2nd floor above The Basement.
When Gilt Concert Venue ownership took over half of Wall Street Plaza, they also took over Sideshow and it was the first club they gutted and recreated. It’s now called Fixtion and it’s a fun place to go down that rabbit hole.
We found Saturday night resident DJ Don Diaz (USA) in the booth.
The music is House and EDM on both weekend nights.
The dance floor which is located between the DJ booth and the bar was jammed.
Getting a drink here can be a challenge because the venue became instantly popular when they opened.
Other than for last November’s AAHZ Reunion, we’ve not been to The Beacham since before the covid19 closures in 2020.
Friday and Saturday nights at The Beacham and predecessor Tabu Nightclub are legendary.
Somewhere up there, our good friend and Saturday night resident DJ…..
Richie Rich (USA)
Posing here with MC Danie (USA).
Besides his longstanding residency here at The Beacham, Richie Rich is also famous for his residency at House of Blues Sunday night SIN nights.
Dance floor was busy but not as crowded as during some of our prior visits.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
The lasers were flying.
The Friday/Saturday night format at The Beacham is Hip Hop.
Yes, we know we visit Elixir Bar quite often but they’ve been bringing in international DJ talent nearly every weekend and it’s hard to resist.
The inside bar was crowded when we passed through but outside on their famous patio dance floor, just a handful. The outside bar was busy though.
But you expect great music and you get it when DJ Flashdrive (USA) is playing!
House music gets the adrenaline flowing when Flashdrive is playing. First time hearing a House remix of Classic Dance hit “Rhythm of the Night” by Debarge (USA).
The open spots on the dance floor suddenly began to fill-in.
And then there he was, the evening’s headliner!
DJ Ben Hemsley (GB)
And everyone that was inside…..came outside!
And it was suddenly packed!
Within just a few songs he had the crowd bouncing.
Ben Hemsley in his trademark white baseball cap.
He’s based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England.
House remixes of Tag Team (USA) hit “Whoomp! (There It Is)” and Kylie Minogue (AUS) banger “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” had the crowd woozing!
DJ San Pacho (HR) plays at Elixir tonight and you can check out the amazing lineup of upcoming shows right here.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.