Club Reports: Wall Street Plaza, Elixir Bar, Neon Beach, Fixtion

Saturday night in the city and we began the evening at Wall Street Plaza.
A DJ booth had been placed out at the western end of the plaza and in it we found DJ Afrodisiax (USA).
The music mostly EDM and Top 40.
That north side of Wall Street Plaza on the left remains under prior ownership but the entire south side on the right, except for The Other Irish Bar, is now owned by Gilt Concert Venue and expectations are that they will be renovating all the spaces over time. They began with the conversion of Sideshow into Fixtion.
Next stop Elixir Bar.
Where out on their famous patio, we walked into THIS!
Everyone here to see DJ duo Black V Neck (USA).
They’re known for wearing black v-neck t-shirts.
The music a mix of House and EDM.
They had the club bouncing!
And a good time was had by all.
Next over to Neon Beach.
Where we caught the tail-end of a Miami Breaks set from DJ J-ROK (USA).
The Louisiana DJ had relocated to Orlando a few years ago.
The dance floor was seeing activity but they were kind of bashful and remained away from the stage.
But J-ROK beats had them bouncing!
Next up, DJ Losman (USA).
He’s always quite animated on duty!
His assortment of fresh and classic Breaks began drawing the crowd.
Promoters are trying to make Neon Beach the new home for Breaks in Orlando.
In a city filled with clubs with zero theming, the Florida-vibe at Neon Beach is a fresh change!
We ran into so many DJ’s. Spotted in Deluxe Seating: DJ Sisco (USA) with Elaina.
Spotted in VIP: Headlining DJ’s Mizzo (USA) and Robotic (USA) with DJ HiCue (USA).
Spotted at the bar: DJ Amber Jane (USA) and DJ Frequie-G (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: MC Collaborator (USA) with Stephanie.
Spotted near the door: DJ Rosk (USA) who had opened the show earlier, with Leona from Earthfest.
Spotted in the tech booth: DJ Swagkerr (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: Birdie with DJ Pepper (USA).
Spotted by the bar: DJ Vitamin C (USA) with Pedro Vázquez (USA), DJ emeritus.
Spotted on the patio: DJ Roxytocin (USA) with DJ J-ROK
Up next, a tag team set beginning with DJ Robotic (USA).
Robotic is based in Miami.
He would go back-to-back with DJ HiCue (USA).
First time seeing him play since “Origin” at Ace Cafe back in 2021.
Big crowd in the club but too much chatting, not enough dancing!
Rear View, literally and figuratively!
We ran into so many people we know!
Close to 1AM and headlining DJ Mizzo (USA) took over.
First time seeing him play!
Dance floor was getting jammed.
Everyone wanting to see Mizzo!
Rose was feeling her groove and moving at high speed!
She’s always so hard to capture on film!
Bell bottoms for the win!
Closing out the show, DJ Eternal (USA).
Was not familiar with him at all but he also sings and raps to his music live off his PA system.
Biggest crowd of the night up on the dance floor and a good time was had by all.
As the sound of EDM drifted outside, there was time for one more stop, the previously-mentioned Fixtion.
DJ Don Diaz (USA) was still playing when we came in!
The dance floor still had a crowd; the music crisp and clear with their HTG-installed sound system.
Fixtion was the first Gilt conversion project with more coming.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.