Club Reports: Ember, Bikkuri Lounge, Gimme Gimme Disco @ The Abbey

It was so great to be back in Orlando last night after three weekends away on a damn cruise ship! We began our evening at Ember.
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) was in the corner booth playing Top 40 & Classic Dance hits.
Jimmy plays here every Friday night for Happy Hour from 5PM to 9PM.
During our visit the “tween” crowd was here; a mixture of those who arrived earlier from work and those just arriving for their evening’s downtown exploits.
Awhile later we spotted Jimmy Joslin popping wheelies with DJ Evolv3 (USA) out on Orange Avenue. They reminded me that the two of them will be joined by DJ Elliot (USA) at the famed Megacon Afterparty taking place on April 1st. It’s the biggest cosplay dance party of the year!! Advance tickets can be purchased here.
Yes, the building says “Sticky Rice” outside on the front, but those in the know go around to the rear of the building and climb the stairs to find the hidden Bikkuri Lounge.
It’s home to these amazing lighted disco walls!
We found DJ Suzy Solar (USA) in the booth when we arrived playing Trance.
“Lost In Tracelation” takes place approximately every other month here at Bikkuri.
Just a small contingent on the dance floor when we first arrived.
And then this month’s headliner arrived…..
DJ Zoya (BG)
Dance floor got jammed when she came on!
Opening with some melodic Trance and then quickly going with Vocal Trance.
Spotted on the dance floor: Marcus & Shelly
Spotted in VIP: Mari & Friend
Spotted by the booth: World Famous Shawn Fenn
First time seeing this Anjunabeats-label DJ playing.
Next stop over to The Abbey Events Center for “Gimme Gimme Disco”.
There was still a line at the door when we arrived for what was advertised as a 70’s sing-along.
Presided over DJ Alex Lord (USA).
The crowd was about 85% female so no complaints there!
There were several guys there though, lol. There were some 70’s costumes but nothing like we saw in November at the “World’s Largest Disco” in Buffalo as seen here.
DJ was quite animated as he introduced songs and got everyone singing. He opened with Abba (S) hit “Take A Chance On Me”.
Abba songs dominated the evening as he followed with namesake song “Gimme Gimme” and Voulez-vous”.
Lots of 70’s bell bottoms and crop tops kept me happy!
It was not all Abba as songs like “We Are Family” and “Disco Inferno” got played too, with everyone knowing the words!
Everyone knew the words to Cher (USA) hit “Believe” but not sure how the 1998 song fit into the lineup but it did fit!
At one point there was a mad rush to the stage for Abba hits “Mama Mia” and “Dancing Queen”.
Everybody loves the 70’s.
My only complaint is that there was little mixing of songs. The DJ would play a song in its entirety and then it would end to silence and he’d play another track. Nonetheless, taking part in a sing-along was kind of a religious experience!
We knew it was coming eventually: “YMCA”
What a great event and a good time was had by all.