Concert Report: AAHZ Reunion 2022

As Kimball is known to say, these AAHZ Reunions have been going on now for much longer than the original AAHZ club nights themselves. Doesn’t matter to any of us though; we’re here to see friends…..and we’re here for the music!
I actually had the night off so no cameras with me. I was just there to see and listen. But the urge to take photos was overwhelming so I took a few anyway with my phone. Arriving around 10PM, DJ Andy Hughes (USA) was still playing.
Up next, DJ Tony Faline (USA) sharing stage time with…..
DJ Baby Anne (USA)
Baby Anne closeup!
About a quarter till midnight and it was time for…..
DJ Icey (USA)
Set included some classics such as “The One”, “As The Rush Comes” and my favorite “Everyday”.
Giving the people what they want is what a night in AAHZ is all about!
Spotted by the booth: Our annual Sarah-squared picture with Sarah V & Sarah K.
Spotted backstage: DJ Swagkerr (USA), DJ Tooltime (USA) & DJ Tony Faline joined by Emily, Aimee and Kelly.
Spotted in VIP: Peggy, Blog-favorite CJ and Sarah V.
Close to 1AM already and time for the final sets from the two AAHZ originals…..
DJ Kimball Collins (USA and DJ Dave Cannalte (USA).
Kimball went first.
Followed by Dave. They would switch-off every 15 minutes or so.
Wasn’t supposed to take pictures since I had the night off. Hope I don’t get in trouble with the Photographers Union. A good time was had by all.