Concert Report: DJ Claude VonStroke (Ace Cafe)

Home to so many great DJ shows these past few years, here we were again at Ace Cafe.
Arriving around 10PM and expecting a half-filled room at this early hour, we walked into THIS!
The DJ was doing an open-to-close set from 9PM to past 2AM.
Barclay Crenshaw is DJ Claude VonStroke (USA).
His set was more Techno all night than I was expecting.
When he dropped an Electro Breaks track shortly before 11PM, this Florida crowd went crazy!
He had the room moving all evening!
We last saw him live at The Beacham in 2018 when he played with DJ Steve Darko (USA). PHOTO LINK
Claude VonStroke is the creator of the Dirtybird Records label.
He also collaborates with DJ Green Velvet (USA) and together they are known as Get Real. We got to see the two together at EDC-Orlando in 2015 as seen in this file photo.
He was pretty animated last night.
Like I said.
You’d think that just a few days after EDC we’d all stay home, right? Hell NO!
You know it’s a great show when Storm & Amelia are up front!
You pretty much had to dance in place.
Claude VonStroke concerts are always bedlam!
Show brought to us by Angel Candelaria of Culture Productions and Luis Evans of Vizion1, joined here by Danny Colica on the far left and Jodi Siegler-Marsh on the far right, both of Hypnotic Productions .
Joined here by the entire Tech team!
Spotted on the mezzanine: Singer Ashley Anderson (USA), DJ Evolv3 (USA) and DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) flanked by friends.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Dose (USA) with Jaime Anne.
We ran into so many peeps! Some we knew…..
…..and some we didn’t!
Dirtybird Campout scouts in the club. There’s going to be a Dirtybird CampINN next June in Orlando and the details are here.
Cameras out to capture the DJ!
My only complaint of the night was the bar service. There were only 3 bartenders working downstairs and 1 working upstairs. They were overwhelmed. It literally took a half hour to get a drink and many other people gave up.
The upstairs was VIP though with numerous separate sections along the railing. That was a revenue generator!
Some sections came with pre-delivered bottle service.
There was lots of Melbourne shuffling going on!
Moving so fast, she was hard to capture!
Midnight and the place was completely jammed!
A fast DnB track shortly after 12:30AM sent a roar through the crowd.
As did Get Real song “Jolean“.
The proverbial “packed to the rafters”.
Wow, what a show!
I knew this would be good but it far exceeded expectations! A good time was had by all.