Club Reports: Ember, Elixir Bar, Chunk’s Lounge

It’s Friday night and we began the evening on the patio at Ember for their new Happy Hour.
With Friday night resident DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).
The new Happy Hour includes a new upgraded food menu and 2 for 1 drinks.
On this relatively chilly evening, just a dozen or so outside with an equal number inside.
First time seeing Jimmy Joslin playing since that amazing Labor Day Bash at House of Blues last month!
Top 40 old and new had a small contingent dancing!
Next over to Elixir Bar and yet another outdoor patio!
“Fly Fridays” at Elixir with new radio station Fly103.1, WFYY, Windermere-Orlando.
We arrived to find DJ L.V. Montero (USA) in the booth.
While over in the tech booth we found DJ Pantoja (USA) working the controls as he was joined by friends.
Great House set!
At 11PM DJ Rocky (USA) took over.
As it was everywhere we went last night, just a handful on the dance floor.
The Gorillaz (GB) concert at Amway Center soaked up a lot of people while many were staying-in this weekend for next week’s Halloween festivities.
Continuing with that House vibe, first time seeing DJ Rocky playing!
Next stop was in Altamonte Springs and Chunk’s Lounge on Wymore Road.
Here we found DJ Nelly Fre$h (USA) in the booth playing Breaks.
You’ll recall last month’s Breaks show at Chunk’s was jammed but last night, not so much.
The music was great though!
Spotted post-set, DJ Nelly Fre$h with his main-squeeze Joy.
Spotted by the bar: Door Hostess Kelly.
DJ Sketti (USA) taking over late.
The club wasn’t empty, just nothing like the show here in September. LINK
Sketti kept the Breaks pumping.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all. It’s just that “all” wasn’t that many people.