Club Reports: Pickled Onion, Frog And Onion Pub, Bonefish Bar & Grill, Snorkel Park Beach Club (Bermuda)

By now you know that if I’m traveling I like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships I’m on. So here we were in Bermuda last night on a rare overnight stop. Cruise ships don’t typically remain in port at night but they do for Bermuda because of its distance from anywhere else. And that gave us the chance to check-out the local scene.
First stop was The Pickled Onion on Front Street in downtown Hamilton.
We were here to see DJ Rusty G (BDA) but unfortunately it was a Wednesday evening and not Friday evening so we didn’t get to hear him play.
Next stop the famed Frog And Onion Pub at the Royal Naval Dockyard which is where most modern cruise ships dock nowadays. This is also home to Dockyard Brewing Company, the only brewpub in the Bermuda islands.
Despite the large crowd in the venue, no DJ last night. They were playing Hip Hop off a local radio station. We were not off to a good start.
Next stop Bonefish Bar & Grill, a restaurant with a nightclub element on Wednesday nights.
Sadly, their DJ had called-in sick! Three strikes and we were OUT!
Fortunately, there was one other possibility on my list: Snorkel Park Beach Club. A beach club by day, it turns into a nightclub at night.
They have a gazebo in the middle of the facility and up on the second floor we found DJ Blacklion (BDA).
Arriving around 9:30PM, there was only a couple other people here but back-to-back Avicii (S), Afrojack (NL) and Martin Solveig (F) tunes piqued my interest.
And then there were more…..
And within another fifteen minutes the place was jammed!
With two ships over-nighting here last night (Norwegian Prima & my ship Carnival Legend), turns out this is the place where ship crew hang-out when they’re allowed to get off.
Blacklion’s all-Electro House/EDM set was impressive!
If you ever find yourself overnighting in Bermuda, this is the place! No real dance floor but many were just bouncing in place and a good time was had by all.