Club Reports: Sail-Away Party, Alchemy Bar, Play It Again Piano Bar, Vibe Nightclub (Carnival Magic)

By now you know that if I’m traveling I like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships I’m on. So here we were yesterday afternoon on Carnival Magic sailing out of New York City and experiencing their Sail-Away Party.
DJ & Cruise Director Ryan Rose (USA) was playing the typical Top 40 and Line Dances you find at these parties.
There were more members of their entertainment staff than guests on the pool deck for this standard tradition on cruise ships.
What was different is instead of passing wealthy residences alongside the channels at Port Miami and Port Everglades, we were passing lower Manhattan and the new World Trade Center! Wow!!
The Statue of Liberty!
And heading out into the open sea under the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.
As evening arrived, it was time to check out some of the ship’s music venues and we began at Alchemy Bar, a brand name found on many Carnival ships.
Here we found the Magic Rockband (USA) playing on the bandstand.
We found that most of the ship’s passengers were just a bit on the older side, not including myself of course.
They were able to coax a few onto the dance floor for their Top 40 sets.
The air guitar contest wasn’t all that exciting either.
Things were livelier at the Play It Again Piano Bar.
A circular bar with stools surrounded the piano man.
The host was singing 60’s & 70’s Rock hits troubadour-style as he played.
The ship’s disco is called Vibe Nightclub.
Here we found DJ David (CO) in the booth.
It was advertised as a 90’s Party but sadly virtually no one came and even the ship’s animation team departed. Clearly the passengers on this ship were not a 90’s kind of crowd!
Plus the music bounced from “Gangster’s Paradise” to “I Feel Like a Woman” to “Scrubs” to “Sex You Up”. Perhaps the 70’s Party tonight will be more popular with this crowd. On Night 1 of this cruise, a good time was had by…..someone…..but not me.