Club Reports: Parlay, Celine, Iron Cow, Bellhop

Parlay has finally opened for business and Orlando Entertainment News needed to check the place out. So we did!
Did not recognize the DJ who was playing Hip Hop and Top 40.
This space previously occupied by the rather-cluttered Finnhenrys has been heavily renovated and looks impressive. There are wood floors throughout with this centered VIP booth occupying the middle of the club and other booths wrapped around them.
Parlay‘s niche apparently will be as a sports bar but with music. The beautiful bar area is set at the left rear of the venue. It wasn’t very crowded during my visit but it was just after 10PM.
More people would arrive. There are televisions throughout showing various sports and they have a tickertape-style strip continuously scrolling sports scores. We’ll see how they do.
It’s been several months since we’ve visited Celine where Friday night means electronic music!
Arriving around 11PM, we walked into this!
Opening House set from DJ David Velasquez (USA).
We had last seen David Velasquez playing back in April when he opened for Jody Wisternoff (GB) at Skylounge.
The crowd was growing.
Great music set!
Spotted on the dance floor: Vivian & Crystal
Spotted on the dance floor: Mary & DJ Julian M (USA).
All of a sudden it was midnight and headliner DJ Technasia (HK/F) came on!
Technasia was originally a Hong Kong-based DJ duo but the French-born & raised Charles Siegling went solo after several years.
Dance floor got packed!
His set was more on the Techno side of dance music.
As is typical for Technasia, he was very animated!
And he had the club bouncing!
Sky view of the festivities. Great show. Technasia plays in Lima, Peru tonight.
Next over to Orlando’s Milk District and Blog-favorite Iron Cow.
We walked into THIS! We’ve been sorely missing Discothèque since they lost their spot downtown with the closure of Independent Bar. So we were thrilled when they announced their return.
In the perch, DJ Francesca Lombardo (I).
First time seeing her play!
Dance floor was jammed!
Techno had them bouncing too!
Spotted by the Tech Booth: DJ Lola B (USA) with friend.
Spotted backstage: DJ Arina Krondeva (RUS/USA). She had played earlier.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Freda Sol (USA) with her husband.
Spotted at the bar: Customer telling bartender she was not pleased with his pour.
Spotted in VIP: Nazila with her sister.
What a great set!
Hope to see more Discothèque events soon, under that shiny disco ball.
Night was still young so we returned to the Orlando CBD and new venue Bellhop.
When the heavily-themed clubs at Pleasure Island closed and we were forced downtown, we complained about the lack of theming in Orlando clubs. After all, how do you theme names like “Vain” or “Eve” or “Boss” or “Bliss“? But downtown is changing and Bellhop is a great example of theming. Come inside and you’re in the lobby of a mid-20th century hotel, the Reception desk has your room key hanging and the bellhop is just a quick ring away!
And in that hotel lobby we found DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA) on the decks.
House music all night long.
The bar wraps around both sides of that wall and every spot was taken!
Backlighting makes the liquor choices stand out.
Spotted on the dance floor: Christina & Jeremy
Dance floor was busy here too!
And a good time was had by all.