Concert Report: New Kids On The Block (Amway Center)

It was a genuine trip down memory lane last night at Amway Center as the “Mixtape Tour 2022” passed through Orlando.
The opening act was Illtown Sluggaz ft. DJ Slugga (USA).
With a troupe of Hip Hop, R&B and Pop guests.
We then were treated to a couple songs from “Growing Up Hip Hop” star Egypt Criss (USA).
But then there they were! The reason why everyone was here!
New Kids On The Block (USA)
Amway Center was packed for the show!
Just like the late 80’s and early 90’s, NKOTB still consists of Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, brothers Jonathan & Jordan Knight and Danny Wood.
The highlight of the entire show was their rendition of 1988 hit “You Got It (The Right Stuff)“, sung with the original music video often playing on the screen behind them!
Complete with swinging legs, this biggest hit of theirs brought them to fame back then. OMG, they were so young!
Sorry, trying to get pics between floor audience heads. They received a standing ovation that lasted at least 5 full minutes for this song and brought the show temporarily to a pause!
That album “Hangin’ Tough” produced four other massive hits they would also sing last night including “Please Don’t Go Girl”, “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever), “Cover Girl” and title song “Hangin’ Tough”.
Confetti explosion!
Trio En Vogue (USA) up next for a few songs.
Followed by crooner Rick Astley (GB) doing his biggest hit, from 1987, “Together Forever“.
NKOTB were constantly up in the audience high-fiving!
It was great to see they remain so humble.
Soon they were back!
The crowd remained on their feet!
The audience was 80% female and they went crazy for the Kids next set clad only in shiny pants & tank tops. They have stayed in shape and their voices remain impeccable. (Note to self: Purchase shiny pants.)
We finally got to see duo Salt-N-Pepa (USA) come on, singing Grammy-nominated 1992 hit “Let’s Talk About Sex“. They would later perform Grammy-nominated 1989 hit “Push It“.
Donnie would do a solo from the middle stage.
Before the entire troupe came on too!
Rick Astley returned too. The show was a real “mixtape” with all four acts intertwining their performances rather than each having their own segments and finishing.
Rick’s “Cry For Help” brought out the requisite lighters cell phone flash lights from the crowd.
Nearing the conclusion, love ballads troubadour style!
And the grand finale with everyone on stage! It was an amazing trip down memory lane! This coming Saturday night you can take a similar trip as “Freestyle Explosion Throwback Jam” will be performing at Amway ft. Stevie B. (USA), Lisa Lisa (USA), ExposĂ© (USA) and more! Tickets here.
But last night oh wow, a good time was had by all. Big thanks to the Amway Center staff for the hookup!