Concert Report: Resurrection – Ladies Of Bass (Melbourne)

This is Iron Oak Post in downtown Melbourne, Florida and last night it was home to Resurrection – Ladies of Bass. A fundraiser for Genesis House which operates several facilities in Brevard County for homeless women and their children. The venue donated their space for the evening and the goal was to raise $1000.
This bar occupies the large front room.
Their namesake oak tree fills some of that space.
While this side room was home to last night’s all-female DJ lineup.
Beginning at 7PM and running until 2AM, we arrived to find DJ Navitas (USA) on stage playing Jump Up.
She had come out of retirement to support the cause. Navitas’ crop top had me thinking of that 2003 Kelis (USA) hit “Milkshake” although I’m not exactly sure why.
Opening DJ’s often play to empty rooms but there actually was already a contingent in the club for her set which contained a lot of vocals.
Up next, another DJ apparently out of retirement: DJ Amygurl (USA)
So good to see her playing again after nearly a year absence.
Her DnB set had the dance floor moving.
And the crowd was quickly growing!
DJ Slay (USA) up next!
Giving us the expected Breaks. The DJ’s had donated their time too.
As the dance floor filled-in, usually led by Navitas.
We love these 1-hour DJ sets because they really keep things moving. 10PM arrived so quickly and DJ Frequie-G (USA) took over!
Her Breaks version of “Shiny Disco Balls” was awesome. We did have to report the club to the International Disco Authority though for not having a required shiny disco ball over the dance floor.
The growing crowd was a good sign for the night’s fund-raising!
And Frequie-G’s set had the club bouncing.
We ran into numerous DJ’s in the club supporting the evening including DJ Swagkerr (USA).
DJ Ofay (USA) with Natasha.
DJ Versa Style (USA) with DJ Jennifer Marley (USA).
DJ Berto (USA) with Katey & bambino.
DJ Losman (USA) with Sandi Kathleen.
During Frequie-G’s set, the Nawty Aerialists also performed!
With a big crowd of on-lookers.
Consisting of Rose Parker.
And Dawn Gluskin.
They each did individual sets and then together as a duo. They were amazing to watch!
DJ Jennifer Marley going on next.
And going in a different direction, delivering us a House set!
Initially some Soulful House and later straight House, it was a great change-up!
She had the dance floor jammed!
We ran into so many peeps! Some we knew before like Cazzy Love…..
And many new faces too!
It was almost midnight and we spotted DJ JMe_RecStar (USA) near the stage getting ready to go on.
Her Breaks & Bass set opened with live vocals…..
…..from Dance singer Jamie Blue (USA) .
Singing Classic Dance hit “You’re Not Alone” by Olive (GB) and giving the crowd chills.
We’ve seen Jamie Blue perform live several times in the past year including at Ace Cafe in Orlando and Sunshine State of Bass in Miami.
Jamie Blue in platform Puma‘s.
JMe_RecStar in platform Adidas Superstars…..
…..and classic UFO‘s!
Floor absolutely jammed for her set.
Closing out the show, Blog-favorite DJ Funkbaby (USA).
Going mostly DnB on us!
It was after 1AM but no one was leaving just yet.
We’re happy to report the event’s $1000 goal for Genesis House was exceeded! Indeed, we’re told it was close to $2500! And we’re happy to report that a good time was had by all.