Concert Report: Kraftwerk (Dr. Phillips Center)

This is the Dr. Phillips Center For The Performing Arts in downtown Orlando. Although opened in late 2014, this was OEN‘s first visit ever to this spectacular venue.
Within the complex, three separate rooms including the smallest Alexis & Pugh Theater, the acoustically perfect Steinmetz Hall and last night, for this concert, the 2700-seat Walt Disney Theater.
In the lobby, a large bar was doing a brisk business while nearby, the Kraftwerk logo store had a long line.
Everyone received a pair of 3-D glasses to wear.
Up on the stage, those four side-by-side podiums could only mean one thing.
And there they were! Generally considered one of the inventors of electronic music way back in the 70’s: Kraftwerk (D)
Don’t think it was completely sold out but it was definitely packed!
“Numbers: Computerworld”
Right here in Orlando, Florida, USA!
The graphics were impressive and the sound quality blew us away!
Surprisingly early in the program, their biggest hit “Autobahn”.
Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn. Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn.
“The Model”
“Radioactivity”. As their songs played, one could not help but notice the impact of Kraftwerk on so many genres of music that had not even yet been invented, from Techno to Deep House to Industrial to Breakbeats and so on.
“Tour de France”
Their other biggest hit, “Trans Europe Express”. Some of the 3D effects were pretty good, such as a flying saucer that appeared to come out into the audience. Also, a lot of the graphics which were on the board behind Kraftwerk often jumped out in front of them.
Towards the end of the nearly 2-hr show, all four members departed the stage and robots replaced them.
They then reappeared…..
For a pretty amazing rendition of “The Man Machine”.
The “Pocket Calculator” at times also seemed to jump out into the crowd. Keep in mind that pocket calculators, so common and even a throw-away item now, were an entirely new concept in the mid-70’s.
On the far right.
Center right.
Center left.
Far left, and the only remaining original member of Kraftwerk, Ralf Hütter. He provided what appeared to be live vocals throughout the show.
Near the conclusion, they left the stage one-by-one and bowed to the audience as they departed.
And they left to a standing ovation. I felt the crowd was kind of a dud overall with not a lot of enthusiasm, even for their biggest hits, at least near me in VIP.
The entire show had been an auditory and visual sensory feast and a good time was had by all.